Wales Neuroscience Conference

In partnership with the RCPsych Neuroscience Programme, we were delighted the host the first RCPsych Wales National Neuroscience Conference.



Welcome and Introduction: RCPsych Neuroscience Project

Dr Gareth Cuttle and Professor Wendy Burn (RCPsych)

‘The role of rare copy number variants in psychiatric disorders’

Dr Kim Kendall (Cardiff)

‘Neuropsychiatry in Wales – past, present and future’

Dr Seth Mensah (Welsh Neuropsychiatry Service)

‘Stimulating the Ageing Brain’

Dr Claire Hanley (Swansea)

‘The importance and application of neuroscience in psychiatry’

Professor Jeremy Hall (Cardiff)

‘Getting involved in research and neuroscience in Wales’

Dr Jack Underwood (RCPsych Neuroscience Champion for Wales)

Title TBC

Dr Kami Koldewyn (Bangor)

'Advanced MRI techniques to image the effects of inflammation on the brain’

Professor Mara Cercignani (CUBRIC)


Please find further Neuroscience resources available from the College.

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