Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of the following members as well as the Regional Advisor, Deputy Regional Advisor and Regional Representatives.

Member Year of joining Position
Dr Kallur Suresh 2021 (E) Chair
Dr Anna Conway Morris 2021 (E) Vice Chair
Dr Kapil Bakshi 2022 (E) Financial Officer
Dr Nita Agarwal 2023 (C) Committee Member
Dr Vandana Balakrishna Menon 2024 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Saravanan Balasubramanian 2021 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Sadgun Bhandari 2024 (C) Committee Member
Dr Daniel Dalton 2019 (EX) Regional Advisor
Dr Robert Dudas 2019 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Fatma Ghoneim 2023 (E) PTC Rep
Dr Sepehr Hafizi 2021 (E) Committee Member
Ms Liz Harlaar 2023 (A) Patient Representative
Dr Vyasa Immadisetty 2021 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Tugba Kavasoglu 2023 (E) PTC Rep
Mrs Kate King 2023 (A) Patient Representative
Dr Alaa Martin 2022 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Rana Moharam 2022 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Andrea Pathak 2023 (A) SAS Doctor Representative
Dr Ashish Pathak 2023 (E) Committee Member
Dr Sara Ramirez Overend 2023 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Abdul Raoof 2021 (C) Committee Member
Dr Anto Varughese 2023 (E) PTC Rep
Dr Nuruz Zaman 2023 (EX) Deputy Regional Advisor
Dr Shimrit Ziv 2023 (A) Regional Representative

Committee meeting dates 2024

Executive Committee 27 Feb 2.00pm Via Microsoft Teams
Executive Committee 25 April 5.00pm Genome Campus, Cambridge
Strategy and Planning7 June3.00pmVia Microsoft Teams
Executive Committee17 Sep2.00pmVia Microsoft Teams
Executive Committee 12 Nov 2.00pm  Via Microsoft Teams
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