Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of the following members as well as the Regional Advisor, Deputy Regional Advisor and Regional Representatives.

Member Year of joining Position
Dr Abdul Raoof 2017 (A) Chair
Dr Abu Abraham 2018 (A) Financial Officer
Dr Sadgun Bhandari 2017 (C) Committee Member
Dr Claire Dibben 2015 (E) Committee Member
Dr Milind Karale 2015 (E) Committee Member
Dr Venkatesh Malipatil 2016 Committee Member
Dr Albert Michael 2015 (E) Committee Member
Dr Christopher O'Loughlin 2015 (E) Education Training and Standards Rep
Dr Sameer Sarkar 2016 Deputy Regional Advisor
Dr Indermeet Sawhney 2017 Committee Member
Dr Kallur Suresh 2015 (E) Committee Member
Dr Asif Zia 2015 Regional Adviser

Committee meeting dates





Executive Committee18 September2.00pmTBC
Executive Committee28 November5.00pm Wellcome Genome Campus, Cambridge
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