London Region Section 12(2) Mental Health Act 1983 and Approved Clinicians Approvals Panel

Update - COVID-19 Special Measures

S12 and Approved Clinician licence 12 month extension

Please note, that in line with COVID-19 temporarily introduced AC and S12(2) Supplementary Instructions received on 14 April 2020, all current approved applicants with a pending expiration date up until 31 March 2021 who are unable to attend a renewal course will have their cycle of approval automatically extended by 12 months.

For any further queries please contact your regional Approvals Lead directly for guidance.

More information and further links can be found on the RCPsych Legal Matters COVID-19 guidance for clinicians web page entitled S12 and Approved Clinician licence 12 month extension.

New Online Section 12 and AC Induction Courses

The Royal College of Psychiatrists is proud to confirm its new online Section 12 and upcoming AC Induction courses. For more information and to book your place see our relevant web page.

The London Approvals Panel

The statutory responsibility for approving doctors under Section 12(2) of the Mental Health Act 1983 is exercised by Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust on behalf of the Secretary of State. 

The London S12 (2) and AC Approvals Panel has Psychiatric and GP membership as well as other Non-Medic professional membership from across London. 

Every application receives individual consideration in light of the criteria set by the Panel.

The London S12 (2) and Approved Clinician Approvals Office deal with approvals and re-approvals for Section 12 (2) doctors and Approved Clinicians with professional addresses in London (radius within M25). Contact regional S12/AC Approvals Office for other areas.

Applications for Approved Clinician approval and S12 (2) approval under the Mental Health Act 1983 (as amended) is approved by the London S12/ AC Approvals Panel under authority delegated by the Secretary of State for Health.


Helpful documents

Further information

London S12(2)/AC Approvals Panel
Mental Health Unit, Northwick Park Hospital
Watford Road, Harrow, HA1 3UJ

Telephone: 0208 869 3515
Fax: 0208 869 3516

S12/AC Approvals Lead: Denista Wincey
Direct Line: 0208 869 5039

S12/AC Administrator(s): Philip Thompson and Asmita Soni

Panel Chair: Dr Masum Khwaja

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