North West Awards

On Thursday 25 November 2021 the North West Division enjoyed an evening of celebration with more than 70 Division members logging on to our Virtual Awards Ceremony 2021.

It was the fourth year we have run the awards, and again we heard some incredible stories of people who have put in truly amazing work to support mental health care.

Hosted by Division Chair Dr Declan Hyland, and with special lecture from The Dean,  Subodh Dave, attendees included students, trainees, patients and consultants.

The winners of the NW Division Awards 2021 are below, along with words on why they were nominated.

A huge congratulations to all of you.

Avril Clarke Service User of the Year

Service User of the Year - Avril Clarke

Many thanks for this award. It’s so great to be appreciated. I am particularly proud that this is from RCPSYCH as I believe that the way forward for teaching and working within mental health wellbeing needs to have a strong influence from those with lived experience. 

At the moment I am working as a volunteer for the recovery academy presenting a course about the use of creativity in mental well being which is open to everyone including medical personnel. I also currently work in Longsight at a community unit once again using art and creativity to address wellbeing in a different way.

My plans are to continue to work within this field as a volunteer and this award has boosted my self esteem which will help me when struggling with my own mental health.

Carer of the Year Jude Gidney

Carer Contributor of the Year - Jude Gidney

Jude helped set up and runs Breathe - Saddleworth Mental Health Caring Group and runs a restorative 'Walk for life' group along with her involvement in many other local and community groups all awhile, training to be a nurse.

Jude has been described by her nominator Carola Groom as "an accessible role model to mental health service professionals, patients and/or carers".

Medical Student of the Year Nadeem Gire

Medical Student of the Year - Nadeem Gire

Currently in his 5th year as a medical student and holder of the RCPsych PsychStar Award. Nadeem is a Co-Applicant on a culturally-adapted intervention for self-harm in Pakistan and was nominated by Professor Nustat Husain and Dr Roshelle Ramkisson who said "Nadeem has already made an outstanding contribution to Psychiatry through his innovative scholarly Research.

Foundation Doctor of the Year Ben Cross

Foundation Doctor of the Year - Dr Ben Cross

Nominated for his patient centred work,skills in medical student teaching, involvement in research and excelling in his professional development. Nominated by Dr Chris Linton who described Dr Ben Cross as being "always knowledgeable about the patient's circumstances" and shows "outstanding competence in managing physical health and developing his knowledge and experience of psychiatric care".

Core Trainee of the Year Oli Sparasci

Core Trainee of the Year - Dr Oli Sparasci

A meritorious winner, Dr Oli Sparasci was nominated after supporting the development of the first Palliative Care Guideline for Pennine Care during first wave and Leading a GMMH trust wide audit of HD Antipsychotic Therapy. Dr Sparasci's nominator Roshelle Ramkisson also explained that "as a clinician his supervisors, patients and MDT feedback all compliment his manner and expertise."

Higher Trainee of the Year Will Davis

Higher Trainee of the Year - Dr Will Davis

Commendable winner as a higher trainee representative for the RCPsych Perinatal faculty, Dr Will Davis was also a contributer to the North West Deanery trainees committee and has been appointed as a medical Education Fellow within Lancashire and South Cymbria NHS Foundation Trust. Nominated by Dr Gareth Thomas who explained that Dr Davis has been described as "Brilliant and very engaging". 


SAS Doctor of the Year - Dr Sally Gilmour

An admirable winner who organised the 2019 Stockport vascular dementia conference as well as contributing as a member of the Dementia United Mild Cognitive Impairment group for 2 years along side the Transport Group. Dr Gilmour was nominated by Dr Roshelle Ramkisson who noted an article written for the RCPsych Old Age Faculty Newsletter named "Why do psychiatrists need to know about the European settled status deadline?". 

Consultant Psychiatrist of the Year Kishen Neelam

Consultant of the Year - Dr Kishen Neelam

A Consultant Psychiatrist who formed, designed and led a systematic review and meta-analysis looking into the impact of Pandemics in people with pre-existing mental illness which went on to be published and to inform services to consider the increased mental health symptoms in people with pre-existing mental illnesses during a pandemic

Psychiatric Trainee of the Year Indira Vinjamuri

Psychiatric Trainer of the Year - Dr Indira Vinjamuri

A psychiatric trainer who allowed no gaps in their teaching throughout the pandemic and created a virtual training programme that won two poster presentations regionally and presented nationally. Nominated by Dr Nishanth Babu Mathew who went on to explain that Dr Vinjamuri not only volunteers as chair of the specialist advisory committee at RCPsych but has been active in rewriting the curriculum, working with trainees and patient representatives.

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