North West Awards 2022

On Thursday 24 November 2022 the North West Division enjoyed an evening of celebration with our Division members logging on to our Virtual Awards Ceremony 2022.

It was the fifth year we have ran the awards, and again we heard some incredible stories of people who have put in truly amazing work to support mental health care.

Hosted by Division Chair Dr Nishanth Babu Mathew, and with special lecture from Professor Wendy Burn, attendees included students, trainees, patients and consultants.

We are delighted to announce the winners of the North West Division Awards 2022 below:


Mohamed Khan aW

Service User of the Year – Mohammed Khan

Mr Khan, is an award-winning blogger who has struggled with his mental health for a long time. Mr Khan advocates and supports other service users especially of South Asian origin where cultural issues and stigma can be significant in accessing care, management and outcomes. Mr Khan has positively shared his experience in the media of using a self soothe box. A hope box, also known as a self-soothe kit, is a technique used in cognitive behavioural therapy, which aims to reduce panic, anxiety and stress They can contain anything that can help distract or soothe someone who is feeling distressed. 


Ros Bentley AW

Carer Contributor of the Year – Ros Bentley

Ros has always been a keen contributor to improve LSCFT services from a carer perspective. She brings in lot of wisdom and reflection from her experience and generously shares her idea with the team. Last year she was part of the ‘person centered care’ work-stream of Listening into action project and she guided the group with her very inclusive, open and compassionate perspective. She contributed to develop a learning resource which will help all professionals become more person centered in their approach.  She is a role model in terms of using her personal experience and struggle to contribute to the better good of the others. 


Chirag Shroff

Core Trainee of the Year – Dr Chirag Shroff

Dr Shroff created a personalized mental-health-toolkit by working collaboratively with his CAT patient, described by his psychotherapy supervisor as 'Inventive' and may serve as a model for future use. Whilst on call, he has stayed back to coordinate patient safety of critically unwell patients with praise by consultants. Following the pandemic, Dr Shroff designed and led a HRA pilot research project within CWP Trust on ‘Patient Perspectives in attending Remote Tribunals’. He wrote the ethics proposal, distress protocol, and patient information sheet after collaborating with CWP’s research adviser and consultants.


Eleanor Swift AW

Higher Trainee of the Year – Dr Eleanor Swift

Dr Swift is an accomplished medical leader and educator whose peers highly value her.  As the Less Than Full Time trainee representative she led an LTFT trainee survey and has driven improvements in the areas highlighted.  She delivered a seminar to peers on LTFT rotas, led on the co-production of a joint working agreement on rota design between LTFTs and HR in her trust and helped develop the first LTFT forum. Clinically Dr Swift is excelling – she is described by her colleagues as an asset to any team.  Her compassionate approach with patients has been highlighted particularly.  Her excellence across the board and the clear improvements her work this year has had on the lives of both peers and patients makes her a worthy candidate for this award.

Anney Roy AW

SAS Doctor of the Year – Dr Anney Roy

Dr Roy, SAS by choice, is now the Trust SAS lead and been proactive in supporting the SAS role and enabling colleagues to develop. She has planned SAS training days, chaired Trust wide SAS business meetings and delivered sessions on the SAS job plan, appraisals. Dr Roy has also facilitated University of Manchester early Years medical student patient as educator teaching sessions. She goes above and beyond her day job as a SAS doctor working LTFT and having such a great contribution to developing and valuing the SAS role. 


Ankur Khanna AW

Consultant of the Year – Dr Ankur Khanna

Dr Khanna exemplifies kindness, compassion, leadership, dedication and ingenuity benefiting peers, learners, all staff and patients. He has gone beyond role and using influence in supporting trainees in terms of wellbeing and going beyond role in supporting TID. Also, as LTFT and support pushing agenda for LTFT and alternative routes of training ie BAPIO. Dr Khanna has also Set up weekly holistic care with patient’s session playing pool, ping pong and table tennis / gym work with patients and staff to gain unique clinical and non-clinical relationships focusing on social interventions and behavioral activation models.


Ankur Khanna AW

Psychiatric Trainer of the Year – Dr Aaron McMeekin

Dr McMeekin is a passionate medical educator. His involvement with Undergraduate medical education includes leading on Themed Case Discussion and Communication Skills, organising Research Projects and Student Select Components and OSCE examining at the University of Sheffield. He sought innovative solutions to medical education in the face of a reduction in trainee hours, adapting courses to virtual environments. Year 4 medical student scores remain at a very high level and the University fed back “well done to all of you for helping us achieve this in these enormously difficult times- many, many thanks”

Congratulations to all of the winners of the North West Awards 2022!
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