Meet the Committee

The Chair:  Has overall responsibility for the members of the Executive Committee.

The Vice Chair: Is responsible for providing the College Registrar with the number of members in the Division, the number of meetings held each year and details of elected officers.

The Finance Officer: Is responsible for keeping account of Division expenditure and submitting a yearly business plan to the Treasurer.

The Executive Committee also has four elected members, several co-opted and ex-officio members, regional representation from nine Faculties and a user carer representative.

The full breakdown of the Executive Committee is as follows:

Member Year of joining Position
Dr Paul Walker 2020 (E) Chair
Dr Sunil Nodiyal 2020 (E) Vice Chair
Dr Kedar Kale 2020 (E) Financial Officer
Dr Sumeet Gupta 2020 (E) Academic Secretary
Dr Jude Archibald 2018 (EX) Regional Representative
Dr Ramanand Badanapuram 2020 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Anna Boyce 2016 (A) Regional Representative
Dr David Burke 2021 (EX) Regional Representative
Dr Abebe Ejara 2017 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Himanshu Garg 2020 (A) Regional Representative
Prof. Utpal Goswami 2018 (E) Committee Member
Miss Hayley Hall 2020 (C) Patient Representative
Mrs Hayley Hall 2020 (EX) Patient Representative
Dr Helen Hargreaves 2020 (C) PTC Rep
Dr Andrea Hearn 2020 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Sharon Holland 2020 (EX) PTC Rep
Dr Anitha Howard 2017 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Dominic Johnson 2018 (A) Division Mentoring Lead
Dr Priya Khanna 2017 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Ahmad Khouja 2019 (C) Leadership and Management Committee Lead
Dr Mona-Lisa Kwentoh 2020 (E) Education Training and Standards Committee Rep
Dr Keith Linsley 2019 (EX) Deputy Regional Advisor
Dr Adrian Lloyd 2019 (A) Head of School
Dr Vikram Luthra 2020 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Mohamed Morsy 2020 (E) Committee Member
Dr Gopinath Narayan 2016 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Manoj Narayan 2019 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Wendy Neil 2019 (EX) Regional Adviser
Dr Rosalind Oliphant 2020 (A) PTC Rep
Dr Tolulope Olusoga 2020 (EX) Deputy Regional Advisor
Dr Bruce Owen 2019 (A) Workforce Lead
Dr Edward Pepper 2019 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Nicola Phillips 2019 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Asif Ramzan 2019 (EX) Deputy Regional Advisor
Dr Prathibha Rao 2017 (EX) Regional Adviser
Dr Caroline Reynolds 2016 (A) Regional Representative
Mr Adam Robertson 2020 (A) Carers Representative
Dr Pratish Thakkar 2018 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Arjun Thampy 2017 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Andrea Tocca 2020 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Phalaksh Walishetty 2016 (A) Regional Representative

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