South Eastern Division Regional Trainee and Trainer Awards

These awards have been organised to celebrate excellence in trainees and trainers in the South East region.

We provide a ceremony to engage and enthuse local trainees and remind trainees of the function of the SED and how it might support them.

For more information on the prizes/awards offered by the Division, please contact the manager Karen Morgan.

South Eastern Division Trainee and Trainer Awards 2024

The South Eastern Division were excited to have held our third Regional Trainee and Trainer Awards.

This was a free virtual event, held on 19 March 2024. President Lade Smith CBE opened the ceremony and spoke about the importance of trainers and trainees in psychiatry.

Please see below to find out details of the award winners and a video of the ceremony (to come soon).

Award Winners 2024


Aryn Azlan - Trainee & Trainer Awards 2024Dr Aryn Azlan

Dr Aryn Azlan has excelled in psychiatry as a Foundation Year 1 Doctor at Thames Valley (Oxford) Foundation School. 

Nominated by Dr Holly Austin, Dr Azlan has demonstrated advanced clinical skills, leadership in quality improvement projects, and has been awarded the RCPsych Psychiatry Foundation Fellowship.

Published in Psychiatry Research, she aims for a career in Psychiatry, enhancing patient care through effective management plans and team leadership.

Runners Up

Dr Bethany ElderDr Adanegbe Omoruyi
Beth Elder - Trainee & Trainer Awards 2024Adanegbe Omoru - Trainee & Trainer Awards 2024


Natasha Knowles - Trainee & Trainer Awards 2024Dr Natasha Knowles

Dr Natasha Knowles is a CT2 Trainee Doctor working for Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and was nominated by Dr Babu Mani. 

Dr Knowles stands out as the sole Royal Air Force psychiatry trainee, demonstrating exceptional leadership and dedication to mental health advocacy, research, and education.

She has significantly contributed to mental health service accessibility, challenged stigma, and advanced care for military personnel and their families.

As Co-Chair of the Junior Doctors’ Forum and Doctors’ Mess, Natasha has exemplified leadership and initiated well-being and team-building efforts.

Her commitment to psychiatry education through lectures, mentorship, and positive feedback underscores her pursuit of excellence. 

Runners Up

Dr Isabel LeachDr Anneka Tomlinson
Isabel Leach - Trainee & Trainer Awards 2024 


Trainee & Trainer Awards 2024Dr Claire Gee

Dr Gee is a ST6 Higher Trainee in Old Age Psychiatry with Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust and NIHR Clinical Research Network Fellow (Wessex). 

Dr Gee is an outstanding higher trainee at the Memory Assessment and Research Centre (MARC), driving dementia research forward. Her role as a Principal Investigator for a dementia medication trial underscores her excellence.

Combining clinical and research duties with a postgraduate degree in Clinical Neurosciences, Claire embodies exceptional clinical skills, research acumen, and patient-focused care, making her a valued member of her team. She combines a calm manner with an enthusiasm for learning and a commitment to her patients. She is valued as an excellent colleague by those within her team and senior members of the NHS Trust she works in. Her all-round strengths as a clinician, researcher, and colleague are what makes her stand out.    

Runners Up

Dr Heidi CooperDr Douglas KohlerDr Anna Mead-Robson
 Douglas Kohler - Trainee & Trainer Awards 2024Anna Mead Robson - Trainee & Trainer Awards 2024


Shah Tarfarosh - Trainee & Trainer Awards 2024Dr Shah Tarfarosh

Dr Shah Tarfarosh is a Psychiatry Registrar with Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust who was nominated by both Dr Hasanen Al-Taiar and Dr Tessa Lomax.

Dr Tarfarosh stands out as an exemplary doctor in the realm of psychiatric training, embodying the ideals of peer-support, coaching, mentorship, and leadership.  

His contributions reflect a profound dedication to the core values of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.  

Dr Tarfarosh's multifaceted contributions, leadership, and unconditional support for his colleagues and the field of psychiatry at large underscore his worthiness as the South Eastern Division Trainee Peer of the Year. 

Runners Up

Dr Douglas KohlerDr Swarupa Sri Balaskanda
Douglas Kohler - Trainee & Trainer Awards 2024 


Trainee & Trainer Awards 2024Dr Monty Lyman

Dr Lyman is a CT2 (Academic Clinical Fellow) with Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and was nominated by Drs Shah F Tarfarosh and Isabel Leach.

Dr Lyman has distinguished himself through ground-breaking contributions to psychiatry, including publishing a significant book on immunopsychiatry – a non-fiction science book called The Immune Mind, published by Penguin, conducting influential research in metabolic psychiatry, and co-founding a start-up called guide aimed at improving public mental well-being.

His efforts to bring novel insights to the public and professional communities, combined with his clinical dedication, underscore his exceptional innovation and commitment to advancing mental health on both individual and societal levels. 

Runners Up

Dr Elizabeth JunaidDr Jacek Lindner
Elizabeth Junaid - Trainee & Trainer Awards 2024Jacek Lindner - Trainee & Trainer Awards 2024


Jessica Buckle - Trainee & Trainers Awards 2024Dr Jessica Buckle

Dr Jessica Buckle is a ST5 in General Adult Psychiatry at Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and was nominated by Dr Michael Hobkirk.

She significantly enhanced the Year 5 medical student experience through innovative virtual classes, personalised feedback, and effectively organised clinical placements.

Her comprehensive approach included delivering engaging virtual tutorials and clinical skills sessions, providing tailored guidance to foster student development, and ensuring valuable learning experiences during ward rotations.

Dr Buckle's commitment extended to collaborating with peers to enhance teaching methodologies, demonstrating her invaluable contribution to both student learning and faculty development in medical education.


Mo Eyeoyibo - Trainee & Trainer Awards 2024Dr Mo Eyeoyibo

Dr Mo Eyeoyibo is a Consultant Psychiatrist in Intellectual Disability from Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust, Clinical Director North Kent Directorate, Training Programme Director, Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability KSS Higher Specialist Training, HEE. He was nominated by Dr Sharna Bennet.

Dr Eyeoyibo is an excellent clinical supervisor, training programme director and colleague. He is innovative and always tries to come up with ideas for new projects that will benefit both the patient population and trainee progression. He is a great role model – encouraging to trainees to develop knowledge and gain independence in their own work. He also is aware of, and provides support to, educational needs and opportunities for Trainees.

Runners Up

Dr Hasanen Al-TaiarDr Daniel Maughan


Dr Bosky Nair, Dr Tasneem Saumtally and Dr Serena Merchant

Bosky Nair, Tasneem Saumtally, Serena Merchant - Integrated Psychiatric Trainer and Trainee of the Year 2024

Dr Bosky Nair, Dr Tasneem Saumtally, and Dr Serena Merchant from Kent & Medway NHS & Social Care Partnership Trust, nominated by Dr Chidi Nwosu, undertook a quality improvement project aimed at improving equity of access to the Rosewood Mother & Baby Unit (MBU).

Their leadership brought together a diverse team to address referral inequities, particularly focusing on women of black and ethnic minority backgrounds and young women under 18. Through extensive consultation and data analysis, the project resulted in increased referrals from underrepresented groups and counties outside Kent, showcasing the impact of collaborative efforts and expert involvement on patient outcomes and experiences. 

Runners Up

Dr Richard Brown and Dr Joel Lawson
 Joel Lawson - Trainee & Trainer Awards 2024
Professor Rupert McShane and Dr Jacek Lindner
Rupert McShame and Jacek Lindner

South Eastern Division Trainee and Trainer Awards 2023

The South Eastern Division were excited to have held our second Regional Trainee and Trainer Awards.   

This was a free virtual event, held on 6 June 2023 and our keynote speaker who opened the ceremony was Professor Julie Anderson who spoke about the history of Mental Health – 'From Melancholia to Moral Injury'.

Please see below to find out details of the award winners and a video of the ceremony.

Award Winners 2023


  • Dr James Anslow
  • Dr Apphia Bunting
  • Dr Heidi Cooper


Dr Apphia BuntingDr Apphia Bunting

Dr Apphia Bunting is a Core Trainee Doctor working for Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and was nominated by Dr Sophie Behrman. 

Dr Bunting has been recognised for her exceptional professionalism and compassion. Dr Behrman highlights Dr Bunting’s ability to balance training, childcare, and outside activities while maintaining professional integrity. Her dedication is further evident through her approachability, compassion, and willingness to help others. She is highly respected by both colleagues and patients.

Dr Bunting adapts quickly to new teams and systems and demonstrates reliability and flexibility in meeting the needs of her team and patients while pursuing her own learning needs. She actively introduces innovation and seeks out further training when necessary.

Dr Bunting's proactive nature ensures she maximises important training opportunities, such as finding a place in a Balint group in a neighbouring trust. She has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in various projects, including reviewing medication in the LD team and producing induction templates.

Despite her busy schedule, Dr Bunting remains committed to educating others, including medical students, and engages in research activities. Her commitment to excellence and continuous improvement makes her an outstanding nominee for this award.


  • Dr Hussien Elkholy
  • Dr Katherine Reid
  • Dr Verity Williams


Dr Katherine ReidDr Katherine Reid

Dr Katherine Reid is a ST6 in General Adult Psychiatry and Psychotherapy. She was actually nominated twice, jointly by Dr Olga-Maria Tsatalou and Dr Alvaro Barrera, and also by Dr Shah Tarfarosh.

Dr Reid has been known by her nominators since she started her core Training in Psychiatry and they have worked very closely with her throughout last year.

She is an inspirational colleague and fosters therapeutic relationships to promote collaborative working.

She is teaching on the Clinically Relevant Interview skills in Psychiatry – a course which has won the Dennis O’Leary Award 2023 for innovation in Medical Education.

She has facilitated annual teaching day on Psychodynamic Psychotherapy to trainee psychologists as well as facilitating Balint groups for 2nd-year medical students.


  • Dr Ahmad Kamaleldeen Abdou Mohamed
  • Dr Mathanki Krishnamoorthy


Dr Ahmad Kamaleldeen Abdou Mohamed

Kamaleldeen Abdou Mohamed is a CT3 at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and was nominated by Dr Shah Tarfarosh.

Dr Mohamed has been nominated for his determined dedication to creating an inclusive, empowering, and supportive environment which sets him apart as an exceptional mentor and colleague. He continually manifests his commitment to growth and excellence through every interaction, fostering an environment that encourages personal and professional development. 

Kamal's ability to intuitively recognise the needs of his peers and respond empathetically to their challenges makes him a pillar of strength within the trainee community. His commitment to fostering a compassionate atmosphere has significantly uplifted the spirit of collaboration and comradery among everyone he’s worked with.

Simultaneously, Kamal has tirelessly worked towards elevating the professional landscape for trainee doctors. His efforts have manifested in his ability to identify, address, and improve areas that impact work conditions directly. His consistent actions to ensure a smooth and enriching professional journey for his colleagues have significantly enhanced the workplace.

An educator by nature, Kamal continually encourages skill improvement amongst his colleagues. Whether it’s a small learning need or a grand passion, Kamal is there, extending his knowledge, support, and enthusiasm, empowering his colleagues to pursue their curiosities and interests.

Kamal has been a great representative and a voice for trainees in the different roles he’s occupied throughout his training as well as his proactive leadership approach. His work reflects not only his personal excellence but also embodies the aspirations, efforts, and potential of trainees in the region. By nominating Kamal it is recognising his tremendous dedication, his genuine interest in listening and supporting others and is also a celebration of the ethos of empathetic leadership that he so inspiringly represents.


  • Dr Elizabeth Junaid
  • Dr Isabel Leach


Dr Isabel LeachDr Isabel Leach

Dr Leach is a CT2 at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and was nominated by Dr Shah Tarfarosh.

Dr Leach has demonstrated extraordinary contributions as a Trainee QI lead in Milton Keynes. She pioneered this new role, focusing on quality improvement (QI), and successfully enhanced patient safety through a project improving the handover system for on-call junior doctors.

Dr Leach's meticulous approach, gathering criteria through focus groups and conducting a comparative analysis using two independent investigators, and the positive outcomes showcased the efficacy of her innovation. She also displayed exemplary leadership, efficiently managing, and mentoring fellow trainees and collaborating with senior management.

Dr Leach's dedication to teaching was evident through her involvement in trainer's day events and panel discussions. Her commitment to innovation and excellence exemplifies her qualifications for this award.


  • Dr Athif Zahid Ilyas
  • Dr Shah Tarfarosh


Dr Shah TarfaroshDr Shah Tarfarosh

Dr Shah Tarfarosh is a ST5 in General Adult Psychiatry at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and was nominated by Dr Katherine Read.

Dr Shah Tarfarosh has shown unwavering commitment and innovation as a psychiatric educator in the year 2022.

His educational leadership on projects like CRISP (Clinically Relevant Interview Skills in Psychiatry) training, the OPPC (Oxford Postgraduate Psychiatry Course) MRCPsych course small-group sessions, 2 Mindful Minutes Project, Productive-Mind Training, and the RCPsych TRON module, all illustrate his dedication towards enhancing psychiatric education and his commitment to fostering a supportive and conducive learning environment.

Shah is one of the most hard-working, dynamic, and proactive colleagues and his comprehensive and innovative approach to diverse areas of psychiatric education, coupled with his dedication to trainee well-being, makes him an exceptional candidate for this award.


  • Dr Clare Bridger
  • Dr Richard Brown
  • Dr Gerti Stegen


Dr Gerti StegenDr Gerti Stegen

Dr Gerti Stegen, is the former Director of Medical Education at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and was jointly nominated by Dr Katherine Reid and Dr Shah Tarfarosh.  Dr Stegen has made significant contributions to medical education since 2010. She prioritised trainee and patient welfare, empowering trainees to discover their strengths, use their voices assertively, value their perspectives, and catalyse system transformations.

Her innovative training initiatives, mentorship, and commitment to holistic trainee development have revolutionised medical education in Oxford. She has played a crucial role in supporting individual trainees, creating peer support groups, facilitating psychotherapy experiences, and implementing various successful and award winning training schemes. Dr Stegen pioneered diverse programs like a simulated coroner's court, peer support groups, and over 100 psychiatry work experience placements for students applying to medical school.

A dedicated mentor, her approachability and advice led to creations like the CESR training scheme, recognition systems, academic trainee links, taster weeks, and a buddy system for newcomers.

Dr Stegen's adaptability during and beyond the pandemic, transitioning training sessions seamlessly to online formats, ensures uninterrupted training. Her work extends beyond the Trust, including global influences through training projects in Hong Kong. Dr Stegen's mentorship, understanding of trainees as individuals, and dedication to their potential make her an invaluable supporter of trainee success.

South Eastern Division Regional Trainee Awards 2022

The South Eastern Division were excited to have held our first Regional Trainee and Trainer Awards.   

This was a free virtual event, held on 9 March 2022 - 7.30pm to 9.00pm. We were also pleased to announce that the meeting was opened by the RCPsych Dean - Professor Subodh Dave.

Please see below to watch the video of the ceremony and to see the award winners.

Award Winners

Award Winners


  • Dr Anneka Tomlinson
  • Dr Alex Oh
  • Dr Kiran Kalsi

Overall winner

  • Dr Anneka Tomlinson


  • Dr Amy Kunicki
  • Dr Beth McCausland
  • Dr Hannah Wieringa

Overall winner

Dr Hannah Wieringa


  • Dr Shah Tarfarosh
  • Dr Claire Gee
  • Dr Chloe Taylor

Overall winner

  • Dr Chloe Taylor

Dr Chloe Talylor - Winner

Overall winner

  • Dr Riccardo De Giorgi


  • Dr Shah Tarfarosh
  • Dr Riccardo De Giorgi


  • Dr Emma New
  • Dr Alexander Patrick
  • Dr Shah Tarfarosh

Overall winner

  • Dr Shah Tarfarosh


  • Dr Kavitha Babu
  • Dr Raj Attavar
  • Dr James Fallon

Overall winner

  • Dr James Fallon
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