Pride Month 2022

As part of Pride 2022, we're holding a free webinar about the importance of bringing your whole self to work.

During this webinar – 4-5pm today (Thursday) – Dr Josep Vilanova from the College’s Rainbow Special Interest Group (SIG) will lead a discussion that covers key findings from our recent LGBTQ+ research.

The event also includes speakers Saul Levin and Bob Batterson from the American Psychiatric Association, as well as Adrian Garcia from MHFA England as well as Q&A.

To kick off our Pride celebrations, Dr Pavan Joshi, the chair of the College's Rainbow Special Interest Group (SIG), wrote a fantastic blog post for us about the LGBTQ+ member survey the College conducted December 2021 - January 2022.

In the blog post he covered the findings of the survey, what needs to happen next, and talked about why Pride is important.

We’ve got lots more planned for Pride month – follow us on our social media channels and be first to hear about the blog posts, videos and other activities.

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