Executive Committee

The Committee aims to meet up to 4 times a year. This year they will meet on 08 March, 24 April, 14 June and 18 October. The maximum term for the elected officers (Chair and Financial Officer) is 4 years.

All other appointments to the Committee are non-tenured and by invitation, and the Executive welcomes expressions of interest from members who would wish to play an active role in the planning and running of this Special Interest Group.

VIPSIG members are welcome to contribute to this meeting by sending information and questions to Dr Sophie Thomson as Chair of the SIG.

Member Year of Joining  Position
Dr Sophie Thomson   2017      Chair
Dr Mandip Jheeta2014 (E)Financial Officer
Dr Ruairi Page2015 (A)    Secretary

Chair (recently retired, previously Consultant Psychiatrist, South West London and St Georges NHS Trust)

Financial Officer, ST4 in Forensic Psychiatry,  Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust 

Secretary, ST6 in Forensic Psychiatry, West Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

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