About us

The child and adolescent faculty promotes the mental wellbeing of children and young people and their families.

We contribute to, and draw from an established knowledge base to inform practice.

Our objectives are to:

  • promote the training of medical students, doctors in training, and substantively employed psychiatrists
  • act as a forum for the exchange of experience and research
  • promote the developmental perspective, and the importance of family functioning in mental health within the wider College functions
  • influence public policies in appropriate directions
  • promote mental health awareness through working with the media and offering information directly to the public
  • organise regular national conferences and local meetings to promote professional development, clinical education and peer networking opportunities.

Executive committee

Member Year of joining Position
Dr Elaine Lockhart 2021 (E) Chair
Dr Alka Ahuja 2021 (E) Vice Chair
Dr Guy Northover 2021 (E) Financial Officer
Dr Omolade Abuah 2021 (E) Committee Member
Dr Babafemi Akerele 2021 Regional Representative
Dr Natalie Ashburner 2023 Committee Member
Dr Jeyabala Balakrishna 2022 (C) Committee Member
Dr Nisha Balan 2019 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Nick Barnes 2021 Sustainability Champion
Dr Anupam Bhardwaj 2023 (C) SAC Chair
Dr Amy Blake 2023 (C) Committee Member
Dr Victoria Chapman 2022 (C) Committee Member
Dr Prathiba Chitsabesan 2018 (C) Committee Member
Dr Rory Conn 2023 (C) Committee Member
Dr Ananta Dave 2023 (EX) Committee Member
Prof. David Foreman 2023 (C) Committee Member
Prof. David Foreman 2023 (C) Committee Member
Dr Ruth Garcia Rodriguez 2022 (C) Committee Member
Dr Richard Graham 2023 (C) Committee Member
Dr Holly Greer 2022 (C) Northern Ireland
Dr Amani Hassan 2021 (C) Wales
Miss Rhiannon Hawkins 2020 (A) Committee Member
Dr Daniel Hayes 2023 (E) Committee Member
Dr Thomas Hillen 2021 (C) Committee Member
Dr Kathryn Hollins 2023 (E) Committee Member
Dr Susan Howson 2023 (C) Committee Member
Dr Siona Hurley 2020 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Triveni Joshi 2021 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Eilis Kennedy 2023 (E) Committee Member
Dr Ashley Liew 2021 (E) Committee Member
Dr Pallab Majumder 2023 (E) Committee Member
Dr Cassandra McClintock 2023 Regional Representative
Dr Omar Medany 2023 (C) Committee Member
Dr Rana Moharam 2022 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Eleri Murphy 2020 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Tessa Myatt 2014 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Monica Nangia 2020 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Mudasir Nazir 2023 (E) Committee Member
Dr Jennifer Parker 2023 (E) Committee Member
Dr Maria Paz Timiraos 2022 Committee Member
Dr Edward Pepper 2019 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Sara Ramirez Overend 2023 (C) Regional Representative
Dr Kapil Sayal 2021 (C) Committee Member
Dr Elizabeth Searle 2023 (E) Committee Member
Dr Jugjinder Singh 2021 Regional Representative
Dr Jugjinder Singh 2021 (RRO) Regional Representative
Dr Helen Smith 2020 (C) Committee Member
Prof. Argyris Stringaris 2023 (C) Committee Member
Dr Suparna Sukumaran 2021 (A) Equality Champion
Dr Laura Sutherland 2022 (C) Committee Member
Dr Sami Timimi 2021 (E) Committee Member
Mrs Toni Wakefield 2023 (A) Carers Representative
Dr Joanne Wallace 2021 (C) Committee Member

Contact the executive committee by emailing RCPsych Faculties

Regional representatives play a vital role for the College. Although our key role is to quality check the jobs advertised by NHS organisations, we also provide vital information to the College about local Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAHMS). We aim to meet three times a year through teleconferencing.

Regional representatives are also members of the Faculty Executive Committee. We contribute to working groups and other work streams at a national level. It’s a valuable networking opportunity and we all receive one day training to enable us to undertake our roles. Anna Conway Morris acts as regional representative lead for the exec.

Regional representatives are appointed by the geographical divisions of the College in England and devolved nations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and we're members of their local Executive, which gives us direct links with all the specialities.


Dr Rana Moharam describes what the role of Regional Representative entails

Dr Guy Northover tells us how rewarding it can be to become a Regional Representative

Division/Devolved Nation Regional representative
London South WestDr Nicky Adrian
TrentDr Nisha Balan
EasternDr Anupam Bhardwaj
Dr Anna Conway Morris
South Eastern Dr Ivona Bialas
YorkshireDr Anna Boyce
Dr Nicola Dawson
London South EastDr Sarah Curran
Oxford Dr Sharada Deepak
RCPsych in Northern Ireland Vice-ChairDr Siona Hurley
West MidlandsDr Muhammad Gul
North WesternDr Shermin Imran
North EasternDr Shashi Kiran
MerseyDr Tessa Myatt
RCPsych in Wales Vice-ChairDr Eleri Murphy
North WesternDr Monica Nangia
WessexDr Lynne Oldman
London Central and North EastDr Gabrielle Pendlebury
Dr Raj Sekaran
YorkshireDr Edward Pepper
RCPsych in Scotland Vice-ChairDr Ereni Skouta

The paediatric liaison network is an international group of child and adolescent psychiatrists who work with paediatric staff. We discuss clinical and non-clinical issues, particularly policy and the promotion of mental health in paediatric practice.

We meet in conferences in various UK locations twice a year.

If you are interested in joining, please email us.

PLN web resource

The paediatric liaison network has set up a web resource for clinical trainees interested in Paediatric Liaison Psychiatry.

Find out more.

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If you would like to get in touch, please email us.

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