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Mental health information

Our award-winning mental health information is co-produced with patients and  many titles are certified by the information standard.

We offer a selection of leaflets about young people's mental health, with titles written for young people, and others written for parents, carers and teachers.


Flour Babies, Anne Fine
ISBN 0140361472, Puffin Books


Eukee the Jumpy, Jumpy Elephant, Clifford L. Corman & Esther Trevino
ISBN 0962162981, Partners Publishing Group

Jumpin' Johnny get back to work! A child's guide to ADHD/Hyperactivity, Michael Gordon
ISBN 0962770116, GSI Publications

My brother's a world class pain. A sibling's guide to ADHD, Michael Gordon
ISBN 092770124, GSI publications

Putting on the brakes: A Young People's Guide to Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Patricia Quinn and Judith Stern
ISBN 1557987955, Magination Press

Putting on the brakes Activity Book for Young People with ADHD, Patricia Quinn
ISBN 0945354576, Magination Press

Shelley, the Hyperactive Turtle, Deborah Moss
ISBN 093314931X Woodbine House 

Full of Beans, Chris Wever
Shrink-Rap Press Australia PLC


Want my potty, Tony Ross
ISBN 0862641373, Andersen Press

Where the wild things are, Maurice Sendak
ISBN 0099408392, Red Fox

Reckless Ruby, Hiawyn Oram & Tony Ross
ISBN 0006640648, Picture Lions


Angry Arthur, Hiawyn Oram
ISBN 0099196611, Red Fox

Don't rant and rave on Wednesday: the children's anger-control book, Adolph Moser
ISBN 0933849540 Landmark Editions Inc


The Crowstarver, Dick King Smith
ISBN 0552546038, Corgi Juvenile


A Boy and a Bear - The Children's Relaxation Book, Lori Lite
ISBN 1886941076, Partners Publishing Group

Indigo Dreams Audio CD, Lori Lite
ISBN 0970863349,

Sweet Dreams and Monsters, Peter Mayle
ISBN 1556709455 Stewart, Tabori and Chang

Tim and the blanket thief, John Prater
ISBN 0689318812, Atheneum


Bad Girls, Jacqueline Wilson
ISBN 0440863562, Corgi Juvenile

Death and dying

Granpa, John Burningham
ISBN 0099434083, Red Fox

Lifetimes: a beautiful way to explain life and death to children, Bryan Mellonie and Robert Ingpen
ISBN 0553344021, Bantam Books

Badger's parting gifts, Susan Varley
ISBN 0006643175, Picture Lions

Nana upstairs and Nana downstairs, Torrie de Paola
ISBN 0698118367, Puffin Books/Penguin

Remembering Grandad, Gianni Padoan
ISBN 0859537544, Child's Play (International) Ltd

Vicky Angel, Jacqueline Wilson
ISBN 0440864151, Corgi Juvenile

Fred, Posy Simmonds
ISBN 0099264129, Red Fox
Some of the Pieces, Melissa Madenski
ISBN 0316543241, Little Brown and Company

Come Back, Grandma, Sue Limb
ISBN 0099219514, Red Fox

Beginnings and Endings with Lifetimes in Between, Bryan Mellonie
ISBN 1855617609, Belitha Press

When Something Terrible Happens: Children Can Learn to Cope with Grief, Marge Heegaard
ISBN 0962050237, Fairview Press

Another Look at the Rainbow: Straight from the Siblings, Gloria Murray & Gerald G Jamplosky
ISBN 0890873410, Celestial Arts


Step by Wicked Step, Anne Fine
ISBN 0140366474, Puffin Books

Suitcase Kid, Jacqueline Wilson
ISBN 0440863112, Corgi Juvenile

My Parent's Divorce, Julia Cole
ISBN 0761308695, Copper Beech Books  


How do I feel about my stepfamily?, Julie Johnson
ISBN 0749636297, Franklin Watts


Goodnight, moon, Margaret Wise and Clement Hurd
ISBN 0333961072, Pan Macmillan

We're going on a bear hunt, Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury
ISBN 0744523230, Walker Books 

The bear under the stairs, Helen Cooper
ISBN 0552548812, Corgi Juvenile

Can't you sleep, Little Bear?, Martin Waddell and Barbara Firth
ISBN 0744572940, Walker Books 


Feelings, Aliki
ISBN 068806518X HarperCollins
For 4-8 years. 

Double Dip Feelings: Stories to help children understand emotions, Barbara S Cain
ISBN 1557988110, Magination Press

Feeling different

Something Else, Katherine Cave and Chris Riddell
ISBN 1572555637. Mondo Publishing.

The Rainbow Fish, Marcus Pfister
ISBN 1558588167, North-South Books
For 4-8 years. A book about a beautiful fish who learns to make friends by sharing what he prizes most, his beautiful scales.

Reading Lights Comic Books

Growing up and sex

Where did I come from? Irene Wineman Marcus
ISBN 0945354401, Magination Press

Where did I come from?, P Mayle
ISBN 0330331132, Pan Macmillan

In care

The Story of Tracy Beaker, Jacqueline Wilson
ISBN 0440864909, Corgi Juvenile 

Life story

Grandma's Bill, Martin Waddell
ISBN 0750003073, Macdonald Young Books


Aldo, John Burningham
ISBN 0099185016, Red Fox

A Fairy Tale, Tony Ross
ISBN 0099917009, Red Fox

The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett
ISBN 014036660, Puffin Books  

Lost And Found, Shirley Hughes
ISBN 0099267098, Red Fox

Borka: the adventures of a goose with no feathers, John Burningham
ISBN 0099400677, Red Fox

Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, William Steig
ISBN 0689804172, Simon & Schuster  


In the Attic, Hiawyn Oram
ISBN 0862640741, Andersen Press

Mental illness in parents

The Illustrated Mum, Jacqueline Wilson
ISBN 0440863686, Corgi Juvenile

The Wise Mouse, Virginia Ironside
ISBN 0954512308, Young Minds

Obsessive compulsive disorder

The Secret Problem, Chris Wever
Shrink-Rap Press Australia PLC


The Panic Book, Neil Phillips,
Shrink-Rap Press Australia PLC
Parents (A Good Read), David McKee
ISBN 0582338956, Longman

Come away from the water Shirley, John Burmingham
ISBN 009989940X, Red Fox

The best of Michael Rosen, Michael Rosen/Quentin Blake
ISBN 1571430466, Rdr Books

Physical abuse and learning disabilities

Love is Forever, Jean Ure
ISBN 1860397700, Orchard Books

Privacy and avoiding abuse

A very touching book for small people and big people. Jan Hindman
ISBN 0961103418, AlexAndria Associates

Self esteem

I want your moo: A story for children about self-esteem, Mark Weiner
ISBN 0945354657, Magination Press 

The Affirmation Web - A Believe in Yourself Adventure paperback, Lori Lite
ISBN 1886941254, Specialty Press

Sibling rivalry

Angus and the Cat, Marjorie Flack
ISBN 0374403821, Farrar, Straus and Giroux

The Tunnel, Anthony Browne
ISBN 0744552397, Walker Books

Sleep problems

The Goodnight Caterpillar - the Ultimate Bedtime Story, Lori Lite
ISBN 0970863314,

A Boy and a Turtle - The Children's Vizualization Book, Lori Lite
ISBN 0970863306,

Social issues

The Bed and Breakfast Star, Jacqueline Wilson
ISBN 0440863244, Corgi Juvenile

Tourette syndrome

Adam and the magic marble, Adam and Carol Buehrens
ISBN 1878267302, Hope Press

Twins - domination of sibling

Double Act, Jacqueline Wilson
ISBN 0440865034, Corgi Juvenile


How it feels to be adopted, Jill Krementz
ISBN 0575034254, Knopf


Putting on the brakes: young people's guide to understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Patricia Quinn and Judith Stern
ISBN 1557988323, Magination Press

You mean I'm not lazy, stupid or crazy? A self-help book for adults with Attention Deficit Disorder, Kate Kelly, Peggy Ramundo and Larry Silver
ISBN 0684815311, Simon & Schuster

Driven to distraction: recognizing and coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from childhood through adulthood, Edward Hallowell and John Ratey
ISBN 0684801280, Simon & Schuster

Attention Deficit Disorder: a different perception, Thom Hartmann
ISBN 0717128652, Newleaf

Women with Attention Deficit Disorder: embracing disorganization at home and in the workplace, Sari Solden
ISBN 1887424059, Underwood Books Inc

Help4ADD@Highschool, Kathleen Nadeau
ISBN 0966036611, Advantage Books

Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

Freaks, Geeks and Asperger Syndrome: A User Guide to Adolescence, Luke Jackson
ISBN 1843100983, Jessica Kingsley Publishers

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Mark Haddon
ISBN 0099450259, Vintage


Depression is the pits, but I'm getting better: a guide for adolescents, E Jane Garland
ISBN 1557984581, Magination Press
A clear and user-friendly guide that will be helpful to anyone suffering from depression.

Disability and chronic illness

Easy for you to say: Q&As for teens living with chronic illness or disability, Miriam Kaufman
ISBN 1554070783 , Firefly Books

Eating disorders

Girls under pressure book coverGirls under pressure, Jacqueline Wilson
ISBN 0552548324, Corgi

Growing up and sex

Boy crazy: remembering adolescence, therapies and dreams, Janet Sayers
ISBN 0415190851, Routledge

Learning disabilities

Many ways to learn - young people's guide to Learning Disabilities, Judith Stern and Uzi Ben-Ami
ISBN 0945354746, Magination Press 


Teen-Esteem: A self-direction manual for young adults, Pat Palmer and Melissa Froehner
ISBN 1886230145, Impact Publishers

Three things I'd tell my younger self, Joanna Cannon et al.
ASIN/ISBN B07FMDDDWT, The Borough Press


A Guide to Learning Independently, Lorraine Marshall and Frances Rowland
ISBN 0582811708, Longman Publishing Group


Other resources

Changing Minds: A multi-media CD-ROM about mental health
ISBN 1901242927, RCPsych

Liverpool Social Services and Barnados Young Carers Project produce an excellent resource pack aimed at teenagers.



ADHD and hyperactivity

Teenagers with ADD and ADHD: a guide for parents and professionals, Chris A Dendy
ISBN 1890627313, Woodbine House

Put yourself in their shoes: understanding teenagers with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Harvey C Parker
ISBN 188694119X, Partners Publishing Group


Taming the dragon in your child: solutions for breaking the cycle of family anger, Meg Eastman and Sydney Rozen
ISBN 0471176923, John Wiley & Sons Inc

When anger hurts - quieting the storm within, Matthew McKay, Judith McKay and Peter Rogers
ISBN 1572243449, New Harbinger Publications


The "Which?" guide to managing stress, Mark Greener
ISBN 0852029268, Which? Books

The worry cure: seven steps to stop worry from worrying you, Dr Robert Leahy
ISBN 07499 26767, Piatkus Books


Our journey through high functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome: a roadmap, Tony Atwood and Linda Andron
ISBN 1853029475, Jessica Kingsley Publishers

I am special. Introducing children and young people to their Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Peter Vermeulen
ISBN 1853029165, Jessica Kingsley Publishers


How to deal with your acting-up teenager; practical self-help for desperate parents, Robert Bayard and Jean Bayard
ISBN 0871314797, M Evans & Co Inc

Understanding children's behaviour, Dr Dinah Jayson and the British Medical Association
ISBN 1903474027, Family Doctor Publications Ltd 


The Death of a Child, Tessa Wilkinson
ISBN 1856812502, Jonathan Cape

Childhood depression

So Young, So Sad, So Listen, Philip Graham and Carol Hughes
ISBN 1904671233, Gaskell

Coping with an anxious or depressed child, Samantha Cartwright-Hatton
1851684824, OneWorld Publications


Depression - the way out of your prison, Dorothy Rowe
ISBN 158391286X, Brunner-Routledge

Depression and how to survive It, Spike Milligan and Anthony Clare
ISBN 0099858304, Arrow

Eating disorders

Getting Better Bit(e) by Bit(e): survival kit for sufferers of bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorders, Ulrike Schmidt, Janet Treasure and Tom Tresaure
ISBN 0863773222, Psychology Press

Eating problems in children: Information for parents, Claudine Fox and Carol Joughin
ISBN 1901242862, Gaskell

Eating Disorders: The Facts, Suzanne Abraham & Derek Llewellyn-Jones
ISBN 0198509375, Oxford University Press

Life stages and problems

New passages - mapping your life across time, Gail Sheehy
ISBN 0345404459, Ballantine Books


It takes two to talk: a parent's guide to helping children communicate, Ayala Manolson
ISBN 0921145020, The Hanen Centre

Toddler taming: a parent's guide to the first four years, Dr Christopher Green
ISBN 0091875285, Vermillion

From birth to five years: children's developmental progress, Mary Sheridan, Marion Frost and Ajay Sharma
ISBN 0415164583, Routledge

Post divorce parenting

Parenting Threads, Erica De'Ath and Dee Slater
ISBN 1873309074, National Stepfamily Association


Keeping safe: a practical guide to talking with children, Michele Elliott
ISBN 0450431177, Hodder and Staughton


The Self-Esteem Workbook, Lynda Field
ISBN 0091857333, Vermillion


Coping with self-harm - a guide for parents and carers

Young people who self-harm a guide for school staff

Helplines and websites 

For young people:

Bipolar disorder: for young people

Schizophrenia: information for young people

This short video explores what it is to have schizophrenia, what causes it and how to help yourself and others with this information.

Read more to receive further information regarding a career in psychiatry