About us

Our purpose is to liaise with, and help educate and inform:

  • members
  • colleagues within the College
  • external statutory and voluntary groups and agencies.

We believe that this will support the aim of improving the standard of care given to those who look to us for help.

Due to increasing sub-specialisation, we feel it is important that members' views are adequately represented.

We have developed a four year strategy which sets out what we will do to improve the experiences of everyone involved in general adult mental health services.

Executive committee

Member Year of joining Position
Dr William Boland 2019 (E) Chair
Dr Jonathan Scott 2019 (E) Vice Chair
Dr Asif Bachlani 2019 (E) Financial Officer
Dr Oliver Dale 2021 (C) Academic Secretary
Dr Abdi Sanati 2019 (E) Academic Secretary
Dr Timothy Alnuamaani 2021 (E) Committee Member
Dr Meda-Sorana Apetroae 2021 (C) Higher Trainee Representative
Dr Jeyabala Balakrishna 2021 (E) Committee Member
Mrs Rachel Bannister 2021 (A) Patient Representative
Dr Helen Crimlisk 2019 (C) Committee Member
Dr Sharada Deepak 2021 (C) Committee Member
Dr Mosunmola Fapohunda 2021 (E) Equality Champion
Dr Joanne Farrow 2021 (E) Committee Member
Dr Muhammad Firdosi 2021 (E) Committee Member
Mrs Jacquie Jamieson 2020 (A) Carers Representative
Prof. Sonia Johnson 2021 (E) Committee Member
Dr Kishore Kale 2021 (A) Wales
Dr Andrew Moore 2021 (C) Committee Member
Dr Clare Morgans 2021 (E) Committee Member
Dr Priyadarshini Natarajan 2021 (C) Sustainability Champion
Dr Josephine Nott 2021 (A) PTC Rep
Dr Christopher Pell 2019 (A) Scotland
Dr Joan Rutherford 2021 (E) Committee Member
Dr Simmi Sachdeva-Mohan 2020 (C) Committee Member
Dr Nicholas Stafford 2019 (E) Committee Member
Dr Jon Van Niekerk 2019 (E) Committee Member
Dr Indira Vinjamuri 2018 (C) Committee Member




EasternDr Rupesh  Adimulam
EasternDr Rachna Gurtu Bansal
London - North East and CentralDr Mark Ashraph
London - North East and CentralDr Dinesh Kumar
London - North WestDr Roger Singh
London - South EastDr Priya Natarajan
London - South EastDr Ewa Okon-Rocha
London - South WestDr Muhammad Mudasir Firdosi
MerseyDr Debakanta Behera
MerseyDr Bapu Ravindranath
North EastDr Jude Archibald
North EastDr Andrea Tocca
North WestDr Georgy Pius
North WestDr Micheline Tremblay
Northern IrelandDr Rowan McClean
ScotlandDr Chris Pell
South Eastern (KSS)Dr Devika Colwill
South Eastern (KSS)Dr Gurprit Pannu
South Eastern (Oxford)Dr Smita Pandit
South Eastern (Oxford)Dr Simmi Sachdeva-Mohan
South Eastern (Wessex)Dr Umama Khan
South WestDr Jon Haynes
TrentDr Sudarsan Balakrishnan
Dr Mona-Lisa Kwentoh
Dr Bala Oruganti
West MidlandsDr Joji George


General Adult psychiatrists make up 40% of the psychiatrists working in the UK, and our faculty is the route by which our views are represented in the College and beyond.

Our numbers and our workloads mean that we are the backbone of psychiatry in the services in which we work, and it is therefore important that this perspective is represented through the structures of the College and more widely.

We are committed to the delivery of comprehensive, high quality secondary care mental health services and see the role of well trained and well supported psychiatrists as central to this goal.

By promoting the importance of our everyday work, we seek to support members as they continue to show great commitment to their patients, their patients’ families and the communities in which they work even during times of financial pressure and constraint. 

General adult psychiatrists are skilled in the management of complexity and risk, and these skills are of immense benefit to the people who we see and the organisations and communities in which we work. As a faculty we need to understand the challenges we all face, as well as the successes we achieve.

All members of our faculty are part of this and we want to continue to support our members vigorously in the work they do.

All of us at every level can lead, and our faculty exists to encourage us all to see that we can do this.

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