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Faculty of General Adult Psychiatry Conference 2023

Date: Thursday 12 - Friday 13 October 2023

Location: In-person and live streamed

Better Data, Better Care: Understanding & using data for quality improvement

Friday 22 February 2019

All the available presentations from the event have been posted here for information.

All presentations are the intellectual property of the author and may not be copied or distributed nor may any information, images or data included in these presentations be reproduced without prior written consent of the author.

What we can learn from NHS Benchmarking Data (PDF) by Stephen Watkins

Purposeful and productive community services (PDF) by Dr Ranjeet Shah

Making sense of the numbers: A whole system approach from Sheffield (PDF) by Dr Helen Crimlisk

SNOMED CT in Mental Health (PDF) by Denise Downs

Democratising Data for Patient Care (PDF) by Mark Hayter

From board to floor & floor to Board What Information is at your fingertips to improve care (PDF) by Dr Geraldine Strathdee

RCPsych Demand and Capacity work (PDF) by Dr Andy Moore

Lambeth – a Live example of applying information to improving population health (PDF) by Edward Davie

Whole System Integrated Care Mental Health Dashboard (PDF) by Priya Ramanah

Delivering preconception care to women of childbearing age with serious mental illness

This guide for health professionals in primary and secondary care will be of particular relevance to general adult psychiatrists working with women with SMI of childbearing age. It provides the latest evidence to support health care professionals during routine appointments to promote awareness of physical and mental health issues which can contribute to healthy pregnancies and allow women to feel supported and empowered to make reproductive choices, whether or not they are planning a pregnancy. 

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