Order mental health leaflets

About our leaflets

You can order our award-winning information as individual leaflets to give to patients, their families, carers and anyone else who has an interest.

Many NHS trusts, local councils and a range of other organisations stock the leaflets, which can be co-branded if your organisation wishes.

The leaflets, which contain information about symptoms, treatments and signpost further help, are in plain English.

They are made from material which are 100% recycled and from responsible sources .

Although other organisations produce mental health leaflets, ours are the only ones which are written by psychiatrists with input from patients.

Several of the leaflets have been honoured in the BMA’s annual awards for patient information.

Ordering leaflets

The College can fulfil orders, whether you are ordering small quantities or in bulk. Please note you will need to either pay by credit card, or you can quote a purchase order number and we will send you an invoice.

If you do either of these things, we would aim to send you your leaflets within ten working days.

Place an order

Please complete this order form and return it to leaflets@rcpsych.ac.uk.

For young peoples mental health packs, please complete an order form for mental health factsheets for young people.

Information about pricing, postage and more are included on the order forms.