Officer's welcome


Our names are Ross Runciman (Chair), Luke Baker (Vice Chair) and sharing the role of Secretary, Laura Stevenson and Rosemary Gordon. We’re the Officers of the Psychiatric Trainees’ Committee (PTC) for 2019/2020.

The PTC is composed of divisional and selected other representatives from across the UK.

We are a formal committee of the College's Council and an integral part of many other committees both within and outside of the College.

Council has overall responsibility for education and training, policy, professional practice, professional standards, public engagement, quality improvement and research within the College.

Our involvement with Council and this wider committee representation, allows us, as your representatives, to drive improvements that will better support trainees throughout the UK and ultimately, improve the quality of care and lives of people with mental illness.

We are proud to share ‘Supported and Valued? A trainee led review into morale and training’ and  ‘Supported and Valued? Staying Safe – A trainee led review into fatigue within psychiatry' which has led (and we hope will continue to lead) to improvements at both local and national levels. 

We’re also working hard to improve our engagement with trainees as we’re conscious that, despite our best efforts, most trainees might not be aware of us. Please do engage with us where you can and help to support and value one another - together we can make a real difference.

We are also pushing forward to ensure International Medical Graduates are supported throughout their training with strong representation in the PTC and throughout the College.  In addition we are also leading work on key areas such as mentoring, parental leave and psychotherapy training.

You can contact us, your representatives or keep up to date through FacebookTwitter or by emailing us at We really like hearing from you and receiving your feedback.

Very best wishes,

Dr Ross Runciman

Dr Luke Baker
Vice Chair

Dr Laura Stevenson

Dr Rosemary Gordon

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