Nominations Committee

A Nominations Committee which shall be charged with the duty of considering nominations for national awards and nominations for Honorary Fellowship of the College and Fellowship of the College and considering and endorsing the President’s nominations for the award of President’s medals.

Nominations Committee will meet once a year in autumn (typically in the afternoon after a Board of Trustees meeting) to consider the above awards. The proceedings of this committee are highly confidential.

The Nominations Committee shall consist of:

a. The President (chair);

b. The Registrar, Dean and Treasurer (ex-officio);

c. Two members of the Council who shall be nominated by the Council.

National Honours

The Cabinet Office has a very useful website describing the procedure for nominations and this can be viewed here. Nominations Committee endeavours to increase the number of national honours awarded both to psychiatrists and to other individuals who have made a significant contribution to mental health.

Honorary Fellowship

  1. Subject to the Regulations the College may elect as an Honorary Fellow any person, whether or not that person is a member of the medical profession, who either is eminent in psychiatry or in allied or connected sciences or disciplines or has rendered distinguished service to humanity in relation to the study, prevention or treatment or mental illness or to subjects allied thereto or connected therewith or has rendered notable service to the College or to the Association.
  2. Upon acceptance of such election an Honorary Fellow shall be registered as such.
  3. Not more than five Honorary Fellows may be elected in any College year and the total number of persons on the register of Honorary Fellows at any one time shall not exceed one hundred and fifty.
  4. Save as in these Bye-laws and the Regulations provided, Honorary Fellows shall not as such be entitled to any of the privileges or liable to any of the obligations of membership of the College, but the election or registration as Honorary Fellows or Members of the College shall not affect their privileges and obligations as such.


Fellowship of the College is awarded as a mark of distinction and recognition of contributions to psychiatry.

For any further information about the Nominations Committee, or about any of the awards mentioned above, please contact Membership Operations Team at or by telephone – 0203 701 2589.