How to grow a psychotherapeutic psychiatrist: research findings and the psychotherapy curriculum for core trainees

Date: Wednesday 19 June
Time: 5.05pm - 6.20pm
Stream: Education and training


What is the role of psychotherapy training in the development of today’s psychiatrists? And how are the current curriculum requirements understood and experienced in practice? In this session, we aim to explore trainers’ and trainees’ experiences of the broad range of psychotherapy competencies, drawing on data from research and personal accounts.   

Alan Baban, Education Fellow, will be presenting a summary of striking findings from new research which investigates the experiences and views of trainers and trainees on the psychotherapy curriculum and the place for psychotherapy within modern psychiatric training. The research was conducted in the wake of the covid 19 pandemic when remote working replaced face to face work. 

Vivienne Curtis, Head of the London School of Psychiatry NHS England, will describe the background to this research, and its importance in capturing experiences of trainees and how this learning contributes to developments in training. 

Jo O’Reilly, Chair of the Medical Psychotherapy Faculty, will describe the central role of psychological understanding within an integrated biopsychosocial approach to psychiatry, and the importance of training which equips psychiatrists with the relational skills and understanding to offer psychotherapeutically informed approaches to care. Clinical examples will be described to illustrate these points.

This session aims to:

  • To explore how all trainees can be supported to achieve psychotherapy competencies that are clinically relevant
  • To explore the reasons for any delays in attaining psychotherapy competencies including the role of the covid-19 pandemic
  • To understand the impact and acceptability of online (compared to face to face) psychotherapy delivery and supervision 


Chair: Professor Vivienne Curtis, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, London

Dr Alan Baban, Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust, London

Dr Jo O'Reilly, Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust, London

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