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Thursday 13 August 2020

This webinar's topic was: Encounters with ASD in adult mental health.

The webinar was chaired by Dr Tom Berney and presenters included:

  • Dr Ian Davidson
  • Dr Mary Doherty
  • Dr Conor Davidson

The panel's responses to submitted questions will also be available here shortly.

Slides and presentations

Thank you for watching our free webinar for members. Please find below all of the available speaker presentations from the webinar.

These slides have been made available with kind permission of the speakers, and are intended for use only by the delegates that attended the meeting.

Please note these presentations are the intellectual property of the speaker and any unauthorised broadcasting/copying of any presentation is strictly prohibited.

Autism and mental health
Dr Ian Davidson

Autistic Doctors
Dr Mary Doherty

Responding to suicidal thoughts
Dr Conor Davidson

College Report CR228: The psychiatric management of autism in adults

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