Bringing your whole self to work

Why it’s essential for good mental health and better patient outcomes

Free Members' Webinar

Thursday 9 June 2022

Overview of this webinar

In line with Pride 2022, the next webinar in our series of free #RCPsychLive webinars was titled 'Bringing your whole self to work – why it’s essential for good mental health and better patient outcomes' and took place on Thursday 9 June 2022 from 4 - 5pm.

During this webinar, Ruth Bolle, Managing Partner of Research by Design, led a discussion that covered key findings from the College's recent LGBTQ+ research. There were also presentations from Dr Saul Levin, CEO and Medical Director of the American Psychiatric Association, Dr Bob Batterson, Clinical Professor and Child Psychiatrist at the Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City Missouri, and Adrian Garcia, MHFA England lead for the Higher Education sector and founder and chair of Project Pride.


  • Chair: Dr Josep Vilanova
  • Speaker 1: Ruth Bolle
  • Speaker 2: Dr Saul Levin
  • Speaker 3: Dr Bob Batterson
  • Speaker 4: Adrian Garcia
  • Q&A
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