EGM proposals: Q&A with the Officers

Free Members' Webinar

Thursday 21 July 2022

Overview of this webinar

The RCPsych Council has decided to put the proposal to extend voting rights to College Affiliates – who are mostly SAS doctors – to an extraordinary general meeting on Thursday 8 September 2022 at Prescot Street, and other locations across the UK, between 6-9pm.

At the EGM, we will simply be putting forward two proposals – the one on extending voting rights to Affiliates, who have worked for three or more years in psychiatry, and another to allow us to routinely hold AGMs and EGMs online.

Currently, our rules say that our AGMs and EGMs have to be held face-to-face, and that all voting has to be done on a show of hands. We feel this is very old-fashioned.

We have issued a special edition of RCPsych Insight to explain exactly what is being proposed.

Dr Adrian James, RCPsych President, and Dr John Crichton, RCPsych Treasurer led this webinar, and were joined by Dr Subodh Dave, RCPsych Dean, to explain what we are suggesting, and to take questions.


  • Professor John Crichton
  • Dr Adrian James
  • Dr Subodh Dave
  • Q&A
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