Magical thinking and moral injury: exclusion culture in psychiatry

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Thursday 24 February 2022

Overview of this webinar

This webinar explored the themes of exclusion culture in psychiatry and rehumanising psychiatry discussed in Chloe Beale’s BJPsych Bulletin article Magical thinking and moral injury: exclusion culture in psychiatry.

“We might not like to admit it – even fail to realise it – but National Health Service (NHS) mental health service structures have become increasingly focused on how to deny people care instead of help them to access it. “

“Patients and carers have been speaking out about exclusion and iatrogenic harm for too long; psychiatrists complaining about blame culture similarly. It is time this was translated into action by those with most power to effect change.”

Joining author Chloe Beale was Debbie Frances and RCPsych Dean Subodh Dave. BJPsych Bulletin Editor-in-Chief Norman Poole chaired the session. The webinar also provided the opportunity for free-flowing discussion.

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