Dean's Grand Rounds – Neurodiversity in women during the perinatal period

Thursday 25 April 2024


Whilst pregnancy and the first year of the baby’s life can bring joy, it can also be a period when some mothers experience mental health related problems for the first time.

Neurodivergent women in particular may face challenges which they have not dealt with before getting pregnant and looking after a baby.

With the increased awareness and understanding of neurodiversity in the population, more needs to be done to understand the needs of neurodivergent women in this critical period of their life and the lives of their families.

This webinar will consider what we know about ADHD and Autism in the perinatal period as well as identify areas for further research.


  • Chair – Dr Manal El Maraghy
  • Welcome and closing remarks – Dr Subodh Dave and Dr Deepa Bagepalli Krishnan
  • Dr Jessica Gibson
  • Dr Sam Porter
  • Dr Shimrit Ziv
  • Dr Dilara Yozgatli
  • Dr Libby Bryant



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