Executive committee 

The Executive Committee is made up of members from all regions of London, and include a representative from every specialty.

Any member who wishes to contact the Committee can do so via the Division Manager.

Dr Peter Hughes is a Consultant Psychiatrist/Hon Senior Lecturer based at Springfield University Hospital - London. He is a Global Mental Health Specialist. He is the Chair of Volunteering and International psychiatry’s special interest group. He has a Special interest in integration of mental health into primary care globally and is an expert in mhGAP.

Dr Sujaa Arokiadass is a Consultant psychiatrist in Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust. A Nye Bevan Leadership Graduate and an NHS70 London Women Leadership Awards Winner, she has an interest in Clinical Leadership and previously held an Associate Medical Director role in a London Trust.

She has served as an RCPsych London Division Executive for four years prior to her current role as Vice Chair of the London Division from June 2016. Her interests include:

  • stigma against mental disorder
  • physical health in mental health
  • early intervention for psychosis
  • suicide reduction
  • quality improvement in mental health.

She has been a clinical trainer for Core and Higher psychiatric trainees, Physician Associates and has also been involved in undergraduate medical education.

Dr Suhana Ahmed has been co-opted as Financial Officer until the elected member takes up their position, following the College elections.

(E = elected C = co-opted)

MemberYear of JoiningPosition
Dr Peter Hughes2018 (E)Chair
Dr Sujaa Rajagopal Arokiadass2018 (E)Vice Chair
Dr Suhana Ahmed2020 (C)Financial Officer
Ms Rachel Braverman2020 (A)Patient and Carers Representative
Lt Commander Luke Baker2018Psychiatric Trainees' Committee Rep
Dr Britain Baker2019Psychiatric Trainees' Committee Rep
Dr John Lowe
2020Education Training and Standards Rep
Dr Rehana Akther
2018 (E)Elected member
Dr Punita Sharma
2018 (E)Elected member
Dr Suhana Ahmed
2020 (E)
Elected member
Dr Sotiris Posporelis2019 (A)Academic Secretary
Dr Vivienne Curtis2018 (C)London Head of School
Dr Rosalind Ramsay2018 (A)Mentoring Lead
Dr Ian Nnatu2019 (A)Public Engagement Officer
Dr Kirpal Sahota2019 (A)Workforce Lead

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