Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets quarterly.

It has a remit to elect members, nominate regional advisors, submit recommendations for Fellowship, nominate assessors for advisory appointments committees, nominate examiners, and submit nominations for clinical excellence awards.

View the Terms of Reference for the Exec Committee

Full list of Executive Committee members

Member Year of joining Position
Dr Rafey Faruqui 2021 (E) Chair
Dr Hasanen Al-Taiar 2019 (E) Vice Chair
Prof. Catherine Kinane 2021 (E) Financial Officer
Dr Hesham Elnazer 2019 (A) Academic Secretary
Dr Jawad Adil 2017 (A) Deputy Regional Advisor
Dr Arif Ahmed 2019 (E) Committee Member
Dr Jay Amin 2020 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Rajnish Attavar 2021 (A) Division Mentoring Lead
Dr Sophie Atwood 2021 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Sudarsan Balakrishnan 2019 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Sophie Behrman 2020 (EX) PTC Rep
Dr Ivona Bialas 2019 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Chiara Cattra 2020 (EX) PTC Rep
Dr Devika Colwill 2019 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Sharada Deepak 2021 (E) Committee Member
Dr Deepa Deo 2017 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Vijay Durge 2019 (E) Committee Member
Dr Michael Groves 2019 (EX) SAS Doctor Representative
Dr Osama Hammer 2020 (A) Regional Adviser
Dr Rosarii Harte 2019 (E) Committee Member
Dr James Jeffs 2019 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Umama Khan 2018 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Sheena MacKenzie 2015 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Bosky Nair 2019 (C) QI Representative
Dr Smita Pandit 2021 (A) Regional Adviser
Dr Prajakta Patil 2021 (A) Editor
Dr Alastair Reid 2015 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Simmi Sachdeva-Mohan 2021 (C) Leadership and Management Committee Lead
Dr Sachin Shetty 2019 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Catherine Smith 2016 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Gerti Stegen 2019 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Angeliki Tziaka 2021 (A) Regional Representative

Members with dual roles not noted above

  • Dr Sharada Deepak - StartWell Lead and Regional Representative (Oxford) 
  • Professor Rafey Faruqui - Regional Representative (KSS)
  • Dr Michael Groves - SAS Regional Representative (KSS/Oxford/Wessex)
  • Dr Rosarii Harte - Workforce Lead

Vacancies and meeting dates

The dates for the forthcoming meetings are:

Friday 26 February 202110am - 12pmExecutive Committee Meeting
Friday 21 May 202110am - 3pmExecutive Committee Meeting including Strategy Meeting
Thursday 7 October 202111am - 1pmExecutive Committee Meeting
Friday 3 December 202110am - 12pmElected Members and Academic Secretary only


Regional advisors and representatives

Position Member
Regional AdvisorDr Osama Hammer
Deputy Regional AdvisorDr Jawad Adil
Deputy Regional AdvisorVacant
AcademicDr Osama Hammer
Child and AdolescentDr Ivona Bialas
Deputy Child and AdolescentVacant
Eating DisordersVacant
ForensicDr Mike Kingham
General AdultVacant
General AdultDr Sudarsan Balakrishnan
Deputy General Adult Dr Devika Colwill
General Adult - SpecialtyDr Mike Groves
Intellectual DisabiltyVacant
LiaisonDr Deepa Deo
Medical PsychotherapyAwaiting approval
Old AgeDr Sachin Shetty
PerinatalDr Bosky Nair
Rehab and SocialDr James Jeffs



Regional AdvisorDr Smita Pandit
Deputy Regional AdvisorVacant
AcademicDr Belinda Lennox
AddictionsDr Alistair Reed
Child and AdolescentDr Sharada Deepak
Deputy Child and Adolescent Vacant
Eating DisordersVacant
ForensicDr Pankaj Agarwal
General AdultPending approval
General AdultVacant
Deputy General AdultVacant
General Adult - SpecialtyDr Mike Groves
Intellectual DisabilityVacant
Medical Psychotherapy Dr Gerti Stegen
NeuropsychiatryPending approval
Old AgeDr Sheena MacKenzie
PerinatalDr Jessica Gibson
RehabilitationDr James Jeffs



Regional AdvisorVacant
Deputy Regional AdvisorVacant
Child and AdolescentVacant
Eating DisordersDr Francesca Battisti
ForensicDr Lisa Gardiner
General AdultDr Umama Khan
General AdultVacant
Deputy General AdultVacant
General Adult (Specialty Doctor job descriptions, for all regions within the Division)Dr Michael Groves
Intellectual DisabilityVacant
Medical PsychotherapyDr Catherine Smith
Old AgeDr Jay Amin
Rehab and SocialDr James Jeffs

Regional Speciality Representatives

There are currently a number of posts available for Regional Specialty Representatives within the South Eastern Division. Vacancies have arisen in the following specialties due to the current post holder reaching the end of their tenure or the post is currently vacant.

Representatives for the following specialties are urgently required:

KSS Region

  • Addictions
  • Child and Adolescent
  • Children and Adolescent (Deputy)
  • Eating Disorders
  • Intellectual Disability
  • Neuropsychiatry

Oxford Region

  • Children and Adolescent (Deputy)
  • Deputy Regional Advisor
  • Eating Disorders
  • General Adult
  • General Adult (Deputy)
  • Intellectual Disability
  • Liaison

Wessex Region

  • Academic
  • Addictions
  • Children and Adolescent
  • Deputy Regional Advisor
  • General Adult
  • General Adult (Deputy)
  • Intellectual Disability
  • Liaison
  • Neuropsychiatry
  • Perinatal
  • Regional Advisor

Anyone interested in taking up any of the above posts should email the following information to karen.morgan@rcpsych.ac.uk:

  1. A copy of their CV
  2. The names and contact details of two referees. The referees must be fellows or members of the College, but should not hold office on the College Education Training and Standards Committee
  3. Completion of a Good Standing Form.


Regional specialty representatives will:

  • have a keen interest in maintaining standards of Consultant and other career grade Psychiatrists
  • be full, current members of the College
  • have held a substantive Consultant post or Specialist Associate grade for two years (one year with the agreement of the relevant Regional Advisor)
  • be in good standing with the College for CPD
  • be able to fulfil the requirements of the post
  • have discussed the role with their employer and the employer is content to allow the time needed to carry out the role
  • be up to date with their membership flees.

For further information please view the job descriptions and the process of appointment to these posts, this includes information for the following roles; Regional Advisor, Deputy Regional Advisor, Regional Specialty Representative and Deputy Regional Specialty Representative.

Assessors on Advisory Appointment Committees

If you have been a consultant for more than three years, would you be interested in representing the College as an Assessor on Advisory Appointments Committees (AACs)?

Assessors are crucial for ensuring that good practice is maintained at all AACs, and we currently have a number of vacancies. We therefore urgently need representatives in all psychiatric specialties and in all regions (excluding Scotland).

For further details please visit the College Assessor web page. Applications can be emailed to karen.morgan@rcpsych.ac.uk.

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