Clinical Impact Awards (ACCIA)

The deadline for requests for College support for Clinical Impact Awards has now passed.

If you have applied for College support, we'll contact you on 16 June to let you know the outcome.

As a recognised nominating body, the College will be recommending a limited number of members to ACCIA, in the form of a ranked list and can provide citations to support these applications.

Following a consultation last year, Clinical Excellence Awards have been renamed Clinical Impact Awards.

Applicants no longer apply for a specific level (bronze, silver, gold or platinum). Instead there’s now a single-level application process, and the level of the award you get is based on your score so you can get a higher award more quickly.

For further information on the new scheme, please see the ACCIA website.

The Clinical Impact Awards – which are overseen by the Advisory Committee on Clinical Impact Awards – reward consultants or academic GPs in England and Wales who deliver national impact above the expectations of their job role or other paid work.

If you apply, you need to give evidence of impact across the following five domains:

  1. Delivering and developing a high-quality service
  2. Leadership
  3. Education, training and people development
  4. Innovation and research
  5. Other areas of national impact, with specific reference to NHS priorities, where relevant.

Please consult ACCIA’s quick guide and full guide for applicants for further guidance on completing your application.

Applications need to be submitted on the ACCIA online portal by 5pm on 22 June 2022.

As these are monetary awards, we recommend that you seek financial advice on how you might be affected if your application is successful.

Applications will be scored following ACCIA’s scoring guidance by representatives of each Faculty and Division to ensure fairness.

Applications will be blind scored with names removed to eliminate unconscious bias.

The scores from each Faculty and Division representative will be collated to decide the College’s ranked list. 

This list is then given final sign off by a panel made up of the College Officers and an RCPsych Lay Trustee.

When completing the form, it’s important to:

  • Follow the steps in the ACCIA guidance
  • Give clear dates for your achievements
  • Write society and group names in full and avoid acronyms – write as you would for a lay member
  • Give measurable information such as outcome data wherever you can and quote the dates, source and relevant benchmarks
  • Explain the impact you had
  • Use a new line for each entry and consider using bullet points to make the information clearer and easier to read
  • Avoid repetition across the five domains unless the evidence shows different aspects of your work that is relevant to the domain. 

We’ll submit one citation for each nominee on the College’s final ranked list. Citations must be drafted specifically for the College and must focus on national achievements.

As the citation should not duplicate information on your form, we advise you send the person drafting the citation a copy of your completed application form.

ACCIA provides the following guidance on what should be included in the citation:

  • The citation should corroborate recent evidence of:
    • wider patient or other benefit outside the immediate area of responsibility that has evidence of a positive impact on NHS efficiency or cost-effectiveness
    • impact of innovation and/or research through it being implemented into widespread use, guidelines or other national care pathways
    • impact of postgraduate education and training on resource use or improvements in service quality
    • widespread uptake of new technology or guidance in clinical practice

  • Citations should not focus on work for, or the benefit to, the College specifically, without relevant national impact on the NHS.

  • Citations must be no more than 900 characters (including spaces).

  • 1 April – opening of applications
  • 27 April – online portal for applications opens
  • 11 May (5pm) – closing date for seeking College support
  • 12 May – citations requested from nominated providers
  • 13 May – applications circulated to Faculty and Division representatives for scoring
  • 9 June – deadline to receive citations
  • 15 June – meeting of College’s Clinical Impact Awards Committee to decide final ranking
  • 16 June – applicants will be informed of the outcome
  • 20 June – citations for ranked applicants will be uploaded by the College’s Awards Administrator
  • 22 June (5pm) – final deadline to submit applications on the ACCIA portal.
Please note that it is your responsibility – not the College’s – to complete your online application on the ACCIA website, with employer sign-off, before the deadline.

There are transitional arrangements in place between the old and new scheme.

To find out more please consult the ACCIA guidance or contact the ACCIA Secretariat on for more information.

Please contact the Awards Administrator at if you have any questions relating to the Clinical Impact Awards. 

You can also contact the ACCIA Secretariat directly at

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