Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets four times a year, usually in March, June, September and December, and for a Strategy Meeting in June.

Our Annual General Meeting takes place in the spring to coincide with the Spring Biannual Meeting.

Papers are available on our password-protected Executive Committee Papers and Dates page.

Members who wish items to be raised at the Executive should email details to the South West Division Manager at least three weeks prior to the meeting.

We’re holding elections for officers and members as below:

2021 (for ratification at College AGM in June 2022)

  • Vice-Chair
  • Financial Officer
  • Executive Committee Member - 1 post

You can find more information about these roles on the Executive Committee job descriptions page.

Who's on the Committee

Member Year of joining Position
Prof. Rohit Shankar 2020 (E) Chair
Dr Deepak Sachdeva 2019 (E) Vice Chair
Dr Peter Carpenter 2018 (E) Financial Officer
Dr Maung Oakarr 2019 (E) Academic Secretary
Dr Elizabeth Adams 2017 (A) Recruitment Lead
Dr Babafemi Akerele 2017 (A) Deputy Regional Representative
Dr Martin Ansell 2019 (A) Recruitment Lead
Dr Charles Antwi 2019 (A) Deputy Regional Advisor
Dr Daniel Beales 2021 Regional Representative
Dr Vaishali Bhate 2016 (C) College Representation at external organisations
Dr Janet Butler 2017 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Simon Corke 2021 (EX) PTC Rep
Dr Paul Divall 2014 (C) Committee Member
Dr Zoë Gray 2021 (EX) PTC Rep
Dr Lucy Griffin 2021 Regional Representative
Dr Richard Laugharne 2020 (C) Committee Member
Dr Celice McDermott 2018 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Melanie Merricks 2017 (C) Head of School
Dr Andrew Moore 2016 (C) Workforce Lead
Dr Andrew Moore 2016 (E) Workforce Lead
Dr Sally Morgan 2018 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Salim Razak 2018 (A) Regional Representative
Dr Avneet Sharma 2020 (E) Committee Member
Dr Persephone Taylor 2021 (EX) PTC Rep
Dr Paul Winterbottom 2018 (A) Regional Adviser
Dr Paul Winterbottom 2020 (E) Committee Member

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