Council meeting catch-up

Dr Kate Lovett, Dr Russell Razzaque and Dr Lade Smith were nominated by Council to be candidates for this winter’s RCPsych Presidential elections, in a meeting of the College’s Council on Friday (8 July).

Each will set out their plans for Presidency during the election campaign this autumn, hoping to take over from Dr Adrian James as President when he demits office in summer 2023.

Their nominations were an important part of a busy Council meeting, which included a discussion about plans for an Extraordinary General Meeting about Affiliates voting rights and online AGMs.

To catch up on everything discussed, see our list below:

  • Council received a presentation on the Trustee Board from Lay Trustees Cindy Leslie and Meera Nair. An overview was provided on the Board’s composition and the background and role of its Lay members.
  • Council received a presentation from Dr Russell Razzaque, Consultant Psychiatrist, Rachel Bannister, Carer Representative, Prof. Steve Pilling, Consultant psychiatrist and Medical Director of CNWL, Dr Gareth Jarvis, Consultant Psychiatrist, and Alex Tansel, Patient Representative, on Open Dialogue, its core principles, evaluation and the Community Mental Health Framework.
  • Council received the President’s Update which included a report on the International Congress, news about RCPsych members and those working in mental health being recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list, and the President’s meeting with College patron, HRH Prince Charles, to discuss how to support displaced doctors. Discussions took place around the involvement of the police in patient’s lives and the Mental Health Act.
  • Council noted that three nominations have been received from Council for the position of RCPsych President – Dr Kate Lovett, Dr Russell Razzaque and Dr Lade Smith. Voting opens on 14 December.
  • Council voted to put two proposed changes to our rules at an EGM on 8 September. The proposed changes are to extend voting rights to Affiliates, after working in psychiatry for three years, and to enable the College to routinely hold online AGMs and EGMs
  • Council also voted to put two proposals to next summer’s AGM. The proposed changes are that International Division Chairs become full members of the RCPsych Council and that we change the name of Council from UK Council to Council of the College.
  • The President drew Council’s attention to the College Social Media Policy following the debate over proposals brought to the AGM in June.
  • A summary was provided of the meeting of the Trustee Board on 6 May.
  • Matters Arising from the meetings of the Devolved Councils, Faculties and Divisions were shared.
  • Individual reports were received from the RCPsych in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
  • The Chief Executive's Consolidated Management Report was circulated. It was highlighted that the College has been shortlisted for a record number of Memcom awards for the UK Membership sector, including Best EDI Campaign, Best Magazine, Best Member Event, Best member Support During COVID, Best Retention or Recruitment Strategy, Best Website, Professional Membership Organisation of the Year, Best Podcast and Best President.
  • The Position Statement on Acute Behavioural Disturbance and Excited Delirium was reviewed and discussed. It represents the psychiatric perspective and is a robust, extensively researched statement produced following wide stakeholder consultation across a number of bodies.
  • Council received an update on tackling workplace discrimination. This was produced as part of the Equality Action Plan and the College’s mission to promote equality for all psychiatrists in their place of work.
  • Council received a paper on moving the College journals forward into an open and sustainable future.
  • Council received reports from the Registrar, Dean and Treasurer.
  • The following papers were provided for information:
    • Minutes from meetings of the Committees of Council agreed since the 22 April Council meeting
    • Council attendance list
    • Obituaries list
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