Doctors’ wellbeing

This month we’re delighted to launch a brand new Workforce Wellbeing Hub on the College’s website.

While providing care to thousands of patients, we know our own membership also needs support with their health and mental health.

The College’s Psychiatrist Support Service is there to help psychiatrists in difficulty, and members can access helpsheets on a wide range of subjects as well as set up peer support including a confidential 1-1 phone call with psychiatrists trained to listen and support our members.

Over the last year, the College’s Wellbeing lead Dr Mihaela Bucur and a cross-College project team have been developing a comprehensive Wellbeing Hub to provide even greater support.

The new hub contains information about:

  • how the College supports workforce wellbeing
  • mentoring and coaching
  • Wellbeing Champions
  • the support we can provide to psychiatrists during the difficult time after a patient has died by suicide.

In addition, the platform includes easy access to the Psychiatric Trainees' Committee Wellbeing Podcast series You Are Not Alone and the results of the National Quality Improvement Collaborative Enjoying Work.

Members can also access the Psychiatrists' Support Service.

Mihaela said:

“Workforce Wellbeing is one of President Dr Adrian James’ four strategic priorities. The College does so much to support the wellbeing of its members, but I felt that members did not always know what help was available.

“The Wellbeing Hub will signpost a range of resources and initiatives to support the wellbeing of our members.”

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