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SPSIG student bursaries

The Spirituality in Psychiatry Special Interest Group have made available some funds to subsidise the attendance of medical students at their day conferences.

The bursary is applied for on the following application form, submitted to

This bursary is a one-off partial payment for a specific SPSIG conference, paid from SIG funds.

Students should apply using their academic, NHS or hospital trust email address and stating their course of study, their institution and which year they are now in.

The bursary is primarily intended for medical students. Preference will be given to student associates of the RCPsych.

Consideration will be given to students of other subjects in the fields of mental health and spirituality, or low paid or voluntary mental health workers, on a case by case basis.

A higher level of bursary is available for those willing to help out practically on the day e.g. by passing the roving microphone during discussions.

The SPSIG executive committee will decide who receives the bursary, their decision is final.

Spirituality SIG Chair Blog - January 2021

Dear friends,

I hope you had a chance to rest of the holidays and that you are moving on into the New Year with a positive frame of mind, despite all the challenges.  Thank you for all of the positive feedback from our December conference, and thank you again to all the speakers and to the RCPsych team headed by Catherine Langley who facilitated the online conference.

We are looking forward to our next SPSIG meeting, “Suicide, Faith and Staying Alive” with top worldwide speakers and time for plenary discussions. You can view the programme here

This conference is again spread over two half-day webinars, on 26th February and 5th March 2021, please see booking details.   A Student bursary scheme is operating which will reduce the attendance fee for eligible students and low earners to £15 for both half-day events, to apply please complete the following application form, and submit it to

The SPSIG continues to grow and change, and it is with sadness that we say goodbye to Prof Simon Dein who is standing down from the executive committee after 14 years of service. Simon has spoken many times at SIG events providing an anthropological and Jewish perspective on areas as diverse as Kabbalistic healing, recent advances in Neurotheology and The voice of God, he has also headed up the team assessing the applications for the SIG essay prize. We hope to welcome Simon back as a speaker soon. SIG essay prize details.

We are very pleased to be able to announce that Robert Gordon has agreed to join us as a new trainee rep. Robert is an ST5 at Southern Health NHSFT, and presented at the December conference on Loneliness

Save the date: Friday 10th December 2021 is when we plan to hold our autumn day conference, we very much hope we might meet face to face by then.  As a follow up to our December 2020 conference you might be interested in this webinar.

Measurement in mental health care. Does spirituality count, and can it be counted?

Thursday, February 4, 2021

12-1 pm CT, 6—7pm GMT

What does spirituality—or a sense of belonging—have to do with mental health? How do you measure spirituality and the impact of spiritual care on health outcomes? These are questions that Associate Medical Director for Research and Innovation Paul Wallang and Lead Chaplain Philip Evans have been working to answer at St. Andrew’s Healthcare, a specialist psychiatric health care organization in the United Kingdom. Join us for a conversation with Dr Wallang and Reverend Evans about how psychiatrists, chaplains, and other St. Andrew’s team members collaborate with patients to identify and measure the outcomes of belonging, spirituality, and spiritual care that matter most.

Registration link

Our friends at the British Association for the Study of Spirituality have relaunched as the International Network for the Study of Spirituality. Their new website, including details of their forthcoming conference in June, is at

I look forward to seeing you all at the Spring conference.

Ali Gray


SiPsig December 2020 Conference Blog: Spirituality In Mental Health services- Dr Chetna Kang

As 2020 drew to a close bringing with it remarkable changes in the way and speed at which Medical Science can create and get a new vaccine approved, how governments can pass laws more quickly than imagined and how we can all be innovative with kindness. We also saw human contact defy boundaries of space and time by jumping on digital media in an unprecedented way. Sipsig's last conference for the year was no different. Across two mornings, we explored what's being done in Healthcare services to integrate spirituality and mental health. We heard from speakers from all over the country who have been finding sustainable ways to bring spirituality into the mental health recovery pathway. With over 120 live attendees across the 2 days, spirits were high as many looked forward to implement the plans that had been delayed in 2020  and others found new ideas in the group discussions. The highlight for me was the enthusiastic discussion and the forging of new working relationships in the pursuit of creating more holistic, patient centred services. It softened the end of 2020 and provided a great springboard for 2021!



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