Themed archive (programme based)

Dr Kishore Chandiramani Vipassana Meditation (pdf)

Dr de Wet Vorster Engaging the Spiritual Mind (pdf)

Dr Chris Holman Perverse Spirituality (pdf)

Dr Sunil Raheja Examining our Spiritual Spectacles (pdf)

Dr Peter Fenwick Scientific evidence for the efficacy of prayer (pdf)

Patricia Higgins RMN, Rev Richard Allen, Dr Samina Karamat & Dr Robert Lawrence Candlelight Group I: a pilot project for people with dementia (pdf)

Dr Samina Karamat, Patricia Higgins, Julia Head & Dr Robert Lawrence Candlelight Group II: brief comments about congregational rituals in dementia care for a multi-faith community (pdf)

Dr Oyepeju Raji Prayer and medicine, a healthy alliance? (pdf)

Professor John Swinton Why Psychiatry Needs Spirituality (pdf)

Professor Peter Gilbert Spirituality and Mental Health (pdf)

Brni Sumati Chaitanya Beyond Suffering (pdf)

Dr Larry Culliford Love, Healing and Happiness (pdf)

Dr Andrew Powell Why Must We Suffer? A Psychiatrist Reflects (publication)

Professor Philip van der Eijk Body and Spirit in Greek medicine and philosophy (pdf) 

Professor Eric Matthews Philosophical attitudes to body and spirit (pdf)

Professor Pali Hungin Sufferers with functional problems (pdf)

Dr Paramabandhu Groves Body and Spirit - a Buddhist perspective (pdf)

Professor Andrew Sims Is Faith Delusion? (pdf)

Dr Peter Verhagen Sanctifying Personhood (pdf)

Dr Simon Dein & Professor Roland Littlewood The Voice of God (pdf)

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