Publications Archive

This extensive archive from 2001-2017 consists of publications from two sources: papers of interest written by members of the Special Interest Group and papers published in the SPSIG newsletter, including guest contributions.

For your convenience, the archive is in two sections. The first section, found below, is alphabetical (author-indexed). The second is themed (programme-based).

The SPSIG is intended to be a forum for discussion in which a wide range of ideas can be expressed and valued, as much for their diversity as what they have in common. The aim of this archive is to inform, encourage and, sometimes, we hope, to inspire.

Please note that publications by the SPSIG represent the views of individual members or its Executive and do not represent College policy unless specified.

Dr Penny Campling
Lord Carey of Clifton

Professor Patricia Casey

Brni Sumati Chaitanya

Dr Isabel Clarke

Dr Cherrie Coghlan

Dr Alasdair Coles

Professor C C H Cook

Professor Peter Conradi

Dr Nigel Copsey

Elizabeth Cosgrove

Dr Nicki Crowley

Dr Larry Culliford

Dr David Jolley and Dr Susan Benbow

Dr James Pandarakalam

Alexandra Pittock

Professor Rob Poole

Dr Andrew Powell

Dr Andrew Powell and Revd Chris MacKenna

Dr Elizabeth Procter

Eaisha Tareen
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