The page acknowledges the many individuals who have contributed to the 25 Women project.

The WMHSIG 25 Women Steering Group would especially like to thank the following: 

  • Adrian James and Paul Rees for offering immediate enthusiasm and support for our project and agreeing to free up substantial College staff time despite COVID challenges
  • Anna Tsirmpa for media liaison and promotion
  • Catherine Langley for many months of administrative support for the project and being a point of contact for our 25 Women and nominators throughout, as well as your exceptional responsiveness and help with all our SIG activities and enquiries
  • Ella Marchant for producing our podcast, and social media promotion
  • Inshra Russell and her Studio Inku colleagues Farrah Drabu, Márcia Leite, Tara Franks, Raphael Knapp and Camilo Tirado for your great commitment to and enthusiasm for our goals and for your quick-fire adaptations to the creative aspects when needed, especially as COVID lockdown hit filming plans
  • Kate Lovett for support and interest in women’s careers and this project
  • Katie Newton and the CALC team for helping arrange our complex launch event at short notice
  • Keith Bradnam, Mark Turner, Peter Markham, and the Digital Team for all your help with the project along the way and converting our outcomes into digital resources and creating our project pages
  • Lynne Wilson, Claire Wilson, Ruby Osorio, Raj Mann and Syeda Ali for help with proofreading
  • Mie Oestergaard for keeping WMHSIG and the project connected with the College Equalities work stream
  • Raka Maitra for noticing WMHSIG's impending 25th anniversary and stimulating the committee to mark it
  • Rebecca Danks for advice on data protection and process
  • Richa Sharma for supporting the initiative and working with us on policy and process
  • Sarah Hickling for designing the logo
  • Trudi Seneviratne for fruitful early discussions that led to us widening the project outputs into a wider range of media
  • The WMHSIG Executive Committee for full support for the project goals and agreeing financing of the film from SIG funds
And not forgetting… 

  • All those who took the time to nominate their colleagues 
  • The many nominated women with exceptional contributions and stories to celebrate whom we could not include this time
  • Our 25 Women for your courage in sharing your reflections and journeys


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