25 Women project

Throughout March, the Women and Mental Health Special Interest Group are marking our 25th anniversary  by highlighting the stories of 25 amazing women psychiatrists. We asked for nominations of people who may be seen as unsung heroes and may not have received recognition or awards, yet are still doing an amazing job. We wanted to hear how any personal or professional challenges had been overcome or managed. 

The 25 Women Steering Group selected 25 women psychiatrists from a range of specialities, grades and geographical locations to showcase the variety and depth of achievements of our women psychiatrists.

We are sharing these women's stories through written narratives, blog posts, a podcast and a short film. There's also a special post by Dr Anne Cremona who reflects on founding the Women in Psychiatry Special Interest Group. 

We hope that these stories will remind us that success has many forms, especially when life outside of work is tough.

Every Monday throughout March we will be publishing five new narratives so make sure you keep on visiting these pages to read the powerful stories of all 25 women.

Read their stories

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Keep coming back each week in March to read new narratives from the women listed below.

  • Dr Eleanor Cole
  • Dr Rupal Dave
  • Dr Katrina Graham
  • Dr Anne-Marie Abaecheta
  • Professor Louise Howard
  • Dr Raka Maitra
  • Dr Sridevi Mahalingappa
  • Dr Shevonne Matheiken
  • Dr Sarah Minot
  • Dr Nagore Penades
  • Dr Eimer Philbin Bowman
  • Dr Anu Priya
  • Dr Oyepeju Raji
  • Dr Roshelle Ramkisson
  • Dr Raman Rashwany
  • Dr Joan Rutherford
  • Dr Jacinta Tan
  • Dr Olga Maria Tsatalou
  • Dr Suparna Sukumaran
  • Dr Young

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