25 Women project

We will be marking the 25th anniversary of the Women in Psychiatry Special Interest Group by highlighting the stories of 25 amazing women, who may be members, fellows, affiliates or trainees.

We want nominations for people who may be seen as unsung heroes and may not have received recognition or awards, yet are still doing an amazing job. We also aim to embrace a whole range of personal attributes and career stages and trajectories.

We’re especially keen to hear how any personal or professional challenges have been impressively overcome or managed - for example you may be inspired by how a female colleague has been able to return to their career, or has continued to work despite difficulties with health or life outside of work. 

We hope that these stories will remind us that success has many forms, especially when life outside of work is tough.

Nominate yourself or someone else

Do you know anyone whose story they would be happy for you to share? Perhaps you would like to nominate yourself?

Please complete the nomination form and return it by 13 November to catherine.langley@rcpsych.ac.uk.

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