25 Women film

This film hears from the 25 women psychiatrists who feature in the 25 Women in Psychiatry project.

This project celebrates 25 years of the Women’s Mental Health Special Interest Group (WMHSIG).

The '25 women in psychiatry' film was commissioned and developed by the WMHSIG steering group in collaboration with filmmaker, Inshra Russell. It was first shown at a special event held on International Women's Day 2021 and is accompanied by a set of 25 narratives, a series of blog posts, and a special podcast episode

The film celebrates 25 women psychiatrists. Their stories and achievements may be extraordinary, but they are also ordinary in that they represent the everyday challenges hard work and dedication of women psychiatrists that so often go unrecognised. 

From the director

"Filmmaking for me has always been linked to dreaming. I have always had audio-visual dreams that are emotionally very intense. I try to recreate that feeling of movement and strong emotions in the pictures I make, whether they are photographs, illustrations or films.
"The subject of psychiatry has always fascinated me, particularly because it deals with mental health and the mind and body. To be part of a project where I got to ask so many questions to psychiatrists and then create a film from it, was truly a dream come true."

- Inshra Russell, Studio Inku


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