RCPsych Members Webinar 7 October 2021, Black History Month: Tackling racism in the workplace

Oct 8, 2021, 13:50 PM
The recent RCPsych data analysis has highlighted that BAME staff working in mental health settings experience racism and discrimination in their workplace. These findings also corroborate with results from previously conducted surveys . As part of Black History Month, the Royal College of Psychiatrists and Association of Black Psychiatrists UK hosted a webinar examining these issues, their impact on staff well-being and patient care as well as how racial discrimination could be tackled in the workplace. This webinar comprised a round table discussion from a fantastic line up of speakers including, Professor Anton Emmanuel, Professor Dawn Edge, Dr Aggrey Burke and Dr Rasheedah Bankole. The session will be chaired by Dr Tim Ojo.
Youtube or Vimeo URL : https://youtu.be/oikWiqWHly8
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