Supporting intellectual disability trainees

Higher trainee representatives

We have two higher trainee representatives who sit on the Executive Committee to represent trainees' views: Elizabeth Anslow and Abbie Swift – please feel free to contact them with any queries.

Read more about being an intellectual disability psychiatrist and the settings you're likely to work in.

Recruitment guide

We have published a recruitment guide for Clinical and Educational Supervisors in the Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability who support doctors in training. The guide is intended for trainees and trainers to use to enhance training experience in placements in the Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability.

Get involved

We have an online Basecamp forum for trainees – please email if you would like to join.

You can also follow us on 'X' (formerly Twitter) at @idtraineesuk.

And why not watch our video below to see intellectual disability psychiatry in action:

Find out more about what it takes to be an intellectual disability psychiatrist.

The Faculty's Recruitment Steering Group has produced a video on why you should choose a Career in Intellectual Disability Psychiatry.

Watch Dr Sonya Rudra’s talk at Royal College of Psychiatrists London Divisions Discover Psychiatry Event 2022: A career in Intellectual Disability Psychiatry

Watch this video (password: ACP2019), produced by HEE, of Dr Ashok Roy describing his career as a consultant psychiatrist working with people with an intellectual disability.

Local trainees in the East Midlands and their Training Programme Director have produced a short video clip to highlight why they think you should consider Psychiatry of Intellectual Disabilities.

See more in our training section, where you'll find information on exams, CPD and more.
Read more to receive further information regarding a career in psychiatry