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Executive committee

Member Year of joining Position
Dr Mani Santhanakrishnan 2020 (E) Chair
Dr Josie Jenkinson 2020 (E) Vice Chair
Dr Sudip Sikdar 2018 (E) Financial Officer
Dr Mohan Bhat 2018 (E) Academic Secretary
Dr Suhana Ahmed 2020 (E) Committee Member
Dr Charlotte Allan 2020 (E) Committee Member
Dr Alex Bailey 2018 (C) SAC Chair
Dr Robert Barber 2020 (C) Committee Member
Dr Conor Barton 2016 (RRO) Northern Ireland
Dr Tim Beanland 2013 (O) Committee Member
Dr Manraj Singh Bhamra 2019 (C) Higher Trainee Representative
Dr Sarmishtha Bhattacharyya 2018 (E) Committee Member
Dr Simon Davidson 2021 (C) Sustainability Champion
Dr Sharon Holland 2020 (C) PTC Rep
Dr Chineze Ivenso 2017 (C) Wales
Dr Katherine Jefferies 2018 (E) Committee Member
Dr Nwaorima Kamalu 2020 (C) Higher Trainee Representative
Dr Farooq Khan 2018 (E) Committee Member
Dr Sujoy Mukherjee 2020 (E) Committee Member
Dr Rashi Negi 2020 (C) Committee Member
Dr Sharon Nightingale 2018 (E) Committee Member
Dr Vivek Pattan 2021 (C) Scotland
Dr Manoj Rajagopal 2018 (E) Committee Member
Dr Jonathan Richardson 2018 (E) Committee Member
Dr Joanne Rodda 2018 (E) Committee Member
Dr Amanda Thompsell 2020 (C) Immediate Past Chair

The Faculty's strategic aims 2021-2023:

1. To increase awareness and engagement of faculty members with regards to large scale national service developments 

2. To further increase the national and international profile of the Faculty on matters related to the mental health of all older people 

3. To continue to attract and retain the best and brightest doctors to our specialty, in part by optimising specialist training in old age psychiatry to meet the needs of the future workforce

4. To engage with faculty members proactively with regards to emergent treatments and models of care 

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Professional bodies/associations

All members of the Old Age Faculty now have membership to the European Association of Geriatric Psychiatry.

We're always looking for older people who have experienced poor mental health who can talk to the media. If you would you be happy to share your experiences, please email us.

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