Dec 2006: Karen Jochelson, Dr Doyle, Dr Deeley, Dr Simon and Prof Goldberg

01 December 2006

This podcast focuses on four papers from the December 2006 issue of the British Journal of Psychiatry

Karen Jochelson

A cloud over the future of smoking in psychiatric patients - Karen Jochelson, Research Fellow at the King’s Fund, talks about the smoke-free legislation in mental health units and the challenges ahead.

Read the article: Smoke-free legislation and mental health units: the challenges ahead

(Interview starts at: 0 mins 0 secs)

Dr Michael Doyle

Dr Michael Doyle, Forensic Nurse Consultant from Salford & Trafford Mental Health Trust, talks about a study looking at who will be violent in the future.

Read the article: Predicting community violence from patients discharged from mental health services

(Interview starts at: 16 mins 19 secs)

Dr Quinton Deeley

Dr Quinton Deeley, Research Psychiatrist at Brain Maturation Unit, Institute of Psychiatry talks about why it is that psychopaths misinterpret facial emotional expression, and whether this is the key deficit which underlies psychopathy and explains it.

Read the article: Facial emotion processing in criminal psychopathy. Preliminary functional magnetic resonance imaging study

(Interview starts at: 27 mins 35 secs)

Judit Simon & Professor Sir David Goldberg

Judit Simon, Health Economist based at University of Oxford and University College London and Professor Sir David Goldberg, Professor of Psychiatry, the Institute of Psychiatry talk about the health economics of clinical decision-making, focussing in the treatment of depression and what makes economic sense.

Read the article: Treatment options in moderate and severe depression: decision analysis supporting a clinical guideline

(Interview starts at: 43 mins 50 secs)



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