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  • Stigma On Gambling Addiction

    26 October 2018

    Peter Markham and Owen Baily discuss gambling addiction, and his own experiences with addiction.

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  • Is there hidden meaning to the use of Violence in the Movies?

    01 May 2018

    Dr Raj Persaud talks to Professor David Humbert about his new book on Violence in the Films of Alfred Hitchcock.

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  • Why do we get old and sick?

    12 February 2018

    Raj Persaud talks to Professor Volter Longo about his new book 'The Longevity Diet.' Could you live to 120 years old? Is all disease just a manifestation of a more ...

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  • Surviving stigma: an interview with a recovering addict

    02 February 2018

    In this podcast, Diane Goslar, a recovering alcoholic, talks with brutal honesty about the stigma she faced among family, friends and work colleagues as she battled alcohol addiction.

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  • Women, science, medicine, and psychiatry

    01 February 2018

    Dr Derek Tracy BJPsych editorial board at the BJPsych and Josefien Breedvelt, Research Manager for Mental Health Foundation talk about women science, medicine, and psychiatry.

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  • Is Human Progress Inevitable?

    19 January 2018

    In this groundbreaking book, celebrated economic historian Joel Mokyr argues that a culture of growth specific to early modern Europe and the European Enlightenment laid the foundations for the scientific ...

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  • International Congress 2017: The strange case of Dr Oliver Sacks

    28 July 2017

    Dr Raj Persaud interviews Professor Anthony David on his keynote lecture about Dr Oliver Sacks at International Congress 2017 in Edinburgh

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  • Choosing Wisely: What every psychiatrist needs to know

    28 June 2017

    Dr Howard Ryland, the BJPsych’s Trainee Editor, talks about the Choosing Wisely initiative.

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  • Medico legal reporting of malingering

    13 December 2016

    Dr Howard Ryland in conversation with Dr Derek Tracy and Professor Keith Rix.

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  • Malingering

    13 October 2016

    The first of two linked BJPsych Advances podcasts recorded at the RCPsych International Congress 2017.

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  • Peer reviewing

    06 September 2016

    In conversation with Dr Howard Ryland today, Professor Patricia Casey, Editor of BJPsych Advances, gives an overview of the importance of the peer review system and provides comprehensive guidance and ...

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  • At-risk mental state for psychosis: identification and current treatment approaches

    16 August 2016

    Dr Andy Thompson in conversation with Dr Howard Ryland about his recently published BJPsych Advances paper.

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  • Ego is the Enemy

    20 July 2016

    Ryan Holiday discusses his new book 'Ego Is The Enemy' with Dr Raj Persaud - how ego blocks success and happiness.

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  • Eleanor's terrifying stalking experience

    27 June 2016

    GP, Eleanor, describes a harrowing and prolonged experience of being stalked: in conversation with Dr Raj Persaud, FRCPsych

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  • Personalised approaches to pharmacotherapy for schizophrenia

    26 May 2016

    Dr James MacCabe, Reader in the Epidemiology of Psychosis at Kings College, London, discusses his paper on Personalised approaches to pharmacotherapy for schizophrenia, recently published in BJPsych Advances.

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  • How evolution can help us understand child development and behaviour

    14 March 2016

    Dr Howard Ryland discusses the topic with Dr Annie Swanepoel who, together with her co-authors, Daniela F. Sieff, Graham Music, John Launer, Michael Reiss and Bernadette Wren, has published a ...

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