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Vice-chair talks about mental health for parliamentary podcast

17 May 2024

The vice-chair in Scotland, Dr Pavan Srireddy took part in a special podcast for the Public Audit Committee in the Scottish Parliament. Dr Srireddy was joined by convener of the ...

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Living with Schizophrenia

17 May 2024

An open and honest conversation looking at living with schizophrenia. Hosted by Dr Jane Morris, with guest Graham Morgan.

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Preview: National Trainees' Conference 2024 - Next Generation

16 April 2024

In this episode of the Royal College of Psychiatrists Podcast, host Dr Daniela Borges, a general adult psychiatry registrar and secretary of the Psychiatric Trainees Committee (PTC), delves into the ...

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International Women's Day 2024

08 March 2024

For International Women's Day, our Presidential Leads for Women and Mental Health host a conversation about the specific determinants and risk factors that impact disproportionately on women’s mental health.

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College Elections Special

05 February 2024

Dr Daniela Borges, a dedicated Psychiatric Trainees' Committee (PTC) Rep, shares the motivations behind her College role, keeping the balance between professional and College commitments, and encourages you to contemplate ...

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Black History Month: Honouring Black Female Psychiatrists, and tackling racism

31 October 2023

On this episode In honour of Black History Month, the Royal College of Psychiatrists proudly presents a special episode dedicated to celebrating the extraordinary contributions of black female psychiatrists, and ...

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World Mental Health Day - Exploring the Global Mental Health Strategy

10 October 2023

On this episode to commemorate World Mental Health Day, Professor Mohammed Al-Uzri, one of the College's Presidential Leads, takes us on a deep dive into his work on the Global ...

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Black History Month: The relationship between art and mental health

08 October 2023

The College is celebrating Black History Month by exploring the relationship between Mental Health and the Arts. We've teamed up with author, poet, editor of BJPsych Muses, and psychiatrist, Dr ...

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PrideCast 2023: In Conversation with Dr Chris Walsh

26 June 2023

In this podcast to celebrate Pride 2023 we speak to Dr Chris Walsh, Chair of the College's Psychiatric Trainees Committee to discuss his journey from Liverpool to Psychiatry, his creative ...

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Mental Health Awareness Week 2023 - serious mental illnesses and rehabilitation psychiatry

14 May 2023

During Mental Health Awareness Week the College is raising awareness of the challenges people with serious mental illnesses, or SMIs, face, Rehabilitation psychiatry plays a crucial role in helping individuals with ...

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