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  • Neurodevelopmental psychiatry - championing autism

    Neurodevelopmental psychiatry - championing autism, Autism campaign led by the RCPsych Autism Champion Ian Davidson started in October 2016 as a pilot, , and Dr Conor Davidson took over as Autism Champion in May 2021. Aims audit the autism continuing, up the existing CPD autism training programme to meet identified CPD needs; develop and implement models of best practice in support and selective referral to local specialist autism teams and develop, : timely ASD diagnosis and appropriate services to refer to; autism friendly mental health services

  • Autism Champion Blog 2022

    Autism Champion Blog 2022, It’s now over a year since I became the College autism champion and it seems to have gone by in a flash. One of the most heartening developments over that time is how autism and neurodivergence, prominence to autism and neurodivergence is just the first step. As a profession, all psychiatrists need to appreciate the greatly elevated risk of mental health problems in autism. As expert communicators, into preferred autism terminology, 573 participants with lived experience of autism (autistic people

  • Conversations about autism

    Conversations about autism, I am six months into a new role as Autism Champion for the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Carpenter, who is the Autism Programme Development Lead for NHS England in the London Region. Andrew told me he was diagnosed with autism aged 40. It was a life-changing event. He said, "I saw, suddenly made sense". Although his autism diagnosis has been overwhelmingly positive for Andrew, it was also unsettling to look back and realise things could have been much easier if the autism had been

  • Autism and Asperger's syndrome in Spanish | Royal College of Pyschiatrists

    Autism and Asperger's syndrome in Spanish | Royal College of Pyschiatrists, folleto explica las causas y los efectos del autismo y el síndrome de Asperger además de ofrecer, autismo y el síndrome de Asperger son trastornos del desarrollo psicológico debidos a anormalidades en el funcionamiento y el desarrollo del cerebro. Tres cuartas partes de los niños que sufren autismo, normal o por encima de lo normal. El autismo afecta a 5 de cada 10000 niños. Con un porcentaje todavía, Asperger o autismo tienen dificultades en tres áreas principales: socialización, comunicación y conducta

  • Living with autism in Max, an Autistic Journey

    Living with autism in Max, an Autistic Journey, As someone who has previously worked within an autism service I was interested to play Max, an Autistic Journey (MAJ), both to see its portrayal of autism spectrum disorder, and also to see what, autism'. It is notable that the titular main character Max is based upon Stéphane's own son. A sense, in layman's terms the elements of autism that have been depicted in the game. Symptoms and behaviours of autism are explained regularly throughout the game MAJ plays like a traditional top-down

  • Autism for parents | Royal College of Psychiatrists

    Autism for parents | Royal College of Psychiatrists, Search Search This webpage gives details about Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), as well as offering practical advice about how to get help, . What are Autism Spectrum Disorders? Autism is the central condition in the group of difficulties known as Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) or Autism Spectrum, and in mainstream education. About 10% of people with autism may also have some special skills

  • The psychiatric management of autism in adults (CR228)

    The psychiatric management of autism in adults (CR228), with autism who also have a psychiatric disorder get the treatment that they need. Too many people currently in this situation are having all of their symptoms attributed to autism solely. This document helps psychiatrists to recognise autism (distinguishing it from co-occurring disorder, to meet their statutory training requirements related to autism

  • Stuart Duncan's Autcraft: crafting a playspace for children with autism

    Stuart Duncan's Autcraft: crafting a playspace for children with autism, Under the name @AutismFather, Stuart Duncan shares his experiences of parenting an autistic child and his opinions on 'all things autism'. He remembers Minecraft's meteoric rise in 2012 not only, an interest in how the server works as an assistive technology for youth with autism. Stuart has also found, has been exposed to negativity and abusive behaviour surrounding autism himself, but also second-hand, are changing for the autism community. Autistic characters are being featured in television programmes

  • Say hello to the College's new Autism Champion

    Say hello to the College's new Autism Champion, Hello and welcome to the world of the College's Autism Champion! I’m planning to write a blog post every few months to keep you updated on the work of the College in the field of autism. I’m just a couple of weeks into the College Autism Champion role and it has been a bit of a whirlwind so far. I, one’s head around. The previous Autism Champion Dr Ian Davidson (no relation! – even though we, . Ian has achieved a huge amount in his nearly five years in the role, including updating autism CPD

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders: CPD Update Course 2021

    Autism Spectrum Disorders: CPD Update Course 2021, of the presenters. What is autism, and how do we make a diagnosis in the new era of DSM-5 and ICD-11, Professor Emily Simonoff Sex differences in neurodevelopmental disorders Dr Michael Craig Autism, Sophie Doswell Transforming Care – Transforming Lives Dr Sarah Blainey Autism. Causes, Online Modules Recognising autism spectrum disorders in children with normal-range intelligence Autism spectrum disorders in adults: a brief introduction Quickbite: Autism spectrum disorder: the place

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