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Autistic adults (who do not have a substantial intellectual disability)

This is a discussion group for members of the College who are sufficiently engaged with autistic adults in their everyday work to be able to contribute. We cover a wide variety of topics which include academic, clinical and service issues, being selected by those attending the meeting. For example, there may be a presentation of a research proposal, or of a clinical problem or a case and of the way in which a service approaches diagnosis.

About 15-20 people attend each quarterly meeting and, although all of these are all by videoconference at present, from next year we hope that two of the meetings will be live in London.

The group started in 2008 and now numbers about 80 psychiatrists. Initially, people joined by invitation but, as the field has broadened, we would ask those who would like to join us to email Tom Berney (, with brief details about themselves and what they would hope to get from coming to the meetings.

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