Advancing Mental Health Equality evaluation

The Advancing Mental Health Equality (AMHE) Collaborative support organisations to implement the AMHE Resource. An evaluation is embedded as part of the collaborative so that organisations can understand the impact of the collaborative. 

The evaluation of the AMHE Collaborative is comprised of two parts: 

a) Meta-evaluation of the Collaborative QI programme 

The meta-evaluation provides data on the collaborative overall. The three objectives of the meta-evaluation are:

  1. To describe the organisations involved in the AMHE QI collaborative, including descriptions of
  2. To describe the aims, primary drivers and change ideas tested across the collaborative
  3. To evaluate the implementation, impact and success of the AMHE QI collaborative model, specifically:
  • What factors contributed to the success of the programme? 
  • What were the challenges of the AMHE QI collaborative model?
  • Are there commonalities among teams that saw success and teams that did not?
  • What new approaches were used? How did any new approaches contribute to success?

b) Sub-team-specific outcome measurement 

The sub-team outcome measurement will look at the individual outcomes achieved by sub-teams, including:

  •  Improvement initiatives employed
  •  Success/failure of initiatives and change ideas
  •  Factors contributing to success/failure


  • The characterisation of the organisations involved in the AMHE QI collaborative will be conducted using descriptive analysis
  • The description of the aims developed and the change ideas tested will be performed using content analysis
  • A range of quantitative and qualitative methods will be used to evaluate the implementation, impact and success of the AMHE QI Model including the use of: