Mood States exhibition

A collection of sculptural works by Annabel Merrett is currently on display at the College in London.

Mood States is a collection of sculptures by artist Annabel Merrett. They investigate how emotions, feelings and motivations can be exposed by art.

Merrett began this series by constructing self-portrait heads using her own cranial measurements. Cross sections were then cut into heads – in the grand tradition of the anatomists – to plumb the depths of her mind physically. Inside, we find a series of bold and poetic symbols which spill out and invade the heads, just as strong and troubling emotions eventually invade our bodies.

By visually expressing personal and observed human motivations, Merrett takes the invisible and realises it in thoughtful, humorous, and sometimes disturbing ways.

The College’s Artist in Residence, Dr Adam Hines-Green, recently spoke to Annabel about the sculptures. Read a transcript of their conversation.

Annabel also came into the College to give a talk about her work – view the video.

The sculptures will be on display at the College in London until Friday 19 July 2024, after which they travel to other exhibitions around the county.

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Annabel Merrett exhibition
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