Psychiatric Trainees' Committee (PTC) elections

Find out the results of recent elections for the Psychiatric Trainees' Committee which closed earlier this year, including which candidates were elected in the recent ballots.

Psychiatric Trainees' Committee election results

Elected without ballot

Dr Rachel Ball - PMPT Representative for Dundee & Aberdeen region

Dr Ewan Mahony - Member Representative for Edinburgh region

Dr Aye Myat Doris - Member Representative for Glasgow region

Elected by ballot

PMPT Representative for Edinburgh region

Dr Jonathan May

Full list of candidates: Dr Anna Kamusella, Dr Jonathan May, Dr Katrina Skraba

Voter turnout: 12.7%

Elected by ballot

Dr Mostafa Abdellatif - Member representative

Dr Nermeen Ahmed - PMPT representative

Dr Wamiqur Rehman Gajdhar - PMPT representative

Full list of candidates: Dr Mostafa Abdellatif (Member), Dr Nermeen Ahmed (PMPT), Dr Wamiqur Rehman Gajdhar (PMPT), Dr Rakesh Puli (PMPT), Dr Nabeela Rafiq (Member)

Voter turnout: 41.7%

Elected without ballot:

Dr Ibrahim Abdallah - PMPT representative

Dr Nick Holmes - Member representative

Dr Mariana Macedo Vieira - Member representative

Elected without ballot

Dr Daniela Sofia Almeida Borges - Member representative

Dr Joel Evans - PMPT representative

Dr Harriet Feldman - PMPT representative

Elected without ballot

Dr Rebecca Bennett - PMPT Representative

Elected without ballot

Dr Katie Dichard-Head - Member Representative

Elected by ballot

PMPT Representative

Dr Erin Gourley - PMPT Representative

Dr Godwin Tong - PMPT Representative

Full list of candidates: Dr Erin Gourley, Dr Aradhana Gupta, Dr Godwin Tong

Voter turnout: 14.9%

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