Resources to promote psychiatry to school students and sixth-formers

Please use the resources and advice below to help school students and sixth formers understand more about career in psychiatry.

Hold a school talk or workshop

You can use the following resources to aid a discussion or workshop with students.


Below are two presentations that can be used for talks/assemblies for school students:

Video - The life of a psychiatrist

Professor Sir Simon Wessely, a former president of the Royal College, talks about the life of a psychiatrist and gives a glimpse into his career as a psychiatrist who is highly respected in the field.

STEM Learning

The Wellcome Trust have produced material for 16-19 year olds which have explored contemporary issues within biology and medicine. The Inside the Brain Edition contains videos exploring how imaging research has changed the way we look inside the brain. You can also download the Big Picture which looks at the basic structure and function of the brain, the use of functional and structural imaging in research, and some social, ethical and legal issues to do with the brain.

Video - Why psychiatry matters

A short film in which medical students interview GPs and other doctors about how much psychiatry is involved in their areas of work

Work experience

Work experience is a great way for students to improve their knowledge and understanding of psychiatry. It will:

  • Give them the opportunity to develop skills and qualities which are needed to become a psychiatrist e.g. communication, teamwork and problem solving
  • Provide good experience to include on application forms and interviews and help improve prospects for entry to higher education
  • Increase self-understanding, maturity, independence and self-confidence in the workplace

There are many hospitals throughout the UK that offer work experience to Year 10/11 students, sixth formers and medical students. (We’re not responsible for organising work placements)

Students can find out what’s available by contacting their local hospital or mental health trust directly.

Let them know about summer schools

Summer Schools are a fantastic opportunity for students to find out more about psychiatry.

Careers materials

If you wish to help us promote psychiatry using RCPsych careers resources, please contact our careers team.

Read more to receive further information regarding a career in psychiatry