Travel and accommodation claims

The College will reimburse the cost of travel and accommodation for speakers at the International Congress where approval has been given. Please refer to your speaker letter for details on what you are allowed to claim.

If expenses have been approved for you please make your own arrangements and claim reimbursement after the congress. You will need to submit all expenses through our online form after the Congress, we will send you details on how to do this after the event has taken place. 

The most economic means of travel should be chosen if practicable and you should use existing travel cards or season tickets wherever possible.

Please refer to the information below when booking travel and accommodation

Travel claims

Public Transport

Where travel expenses can be claimed, we will reimburse the cost of standard class bus, underground and standard advance or off-peak rail fares (no ‘anytime’ tickets or rail sleeper fares will be permitted unless approved in advance), on 

submission of a receipt via the My Expenses Online platform.


You should not take a taxi when there is public transport available, unless it is cost effective due to a significant saving of journey time or the number travelling together, or using public transport is not reasonably practicable. A receipt should 

be obtained for submission via the My Expenses Online platform.

Use of taxis for long-distance travel is not permitted, unless it has been approved in advance by your College Contact.

Car, Motorcycle and Bicycle

Less carbon intensive methods of transport should be used but where it is cost effective for you to use your car or motorcycle for College related travel, and you have been authorised to do so, you can claim a mileage allowance on proof of mileage. You can also claim any necessary congestion charges and parking costs which must be supported by a receipt or the display ticket.

Car mileage and motorcycle mileage at 45p per mile (regardless of engine capacity). The total reimbursed for car or motorcycle travel will not normally exceed the standard class rail fare for the equivalent journey. Bicycle mileage at 20p per mile under the following conditions:

  • The bicycle is in good working order and is maintained regularly
  • The bicycle has functioning lights
  • The cyclist is wearing high visibility clothing and a safety helmet

We will not reimburse vehicle hire, unless agreed in advance or under exceptional circumstances. 

We will not reimburse penalty fares or fines for parking or driving offences.

Accommodation claims

If accommodation has been approved you may claim the following. Please refer to your speaker letter to confirm the number of nights you are allowed to claim.

The price of the hotel must not exceed the following College limits: London, other major cities, and international locations £250.00 per night (£200 per night for all other locations), including VAT. Prices may vary due to local demand. These are the maximum rates the College will reimburse (whether booked by the College or not). This MUST include the room, breakfast, and VAT.

For the purposes of this policy, the following are considered as major cities: 

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Liverpool
  • Birmingham
  • Edinburgh
  • Belfast
  • Leeds
  • Bristol
  • Cardiff
  • Glasgow
  • All other international cities

If you have any further queries relating to your travel and accommodation claim please contact our Congress Manager, Katie Newton (e:; t: 0208 618 4144)

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