Physical activity and mental health through social prescribing: why you should be excited by it

Thursday 23 September 2021


We are all aware that physical activity, or lack of it, has a huge impact on our mental health, but how many of us know the science behind it, are active ourselves or actively encourage our patients to move?

This webinar will explore the impressive impacts of being active on mental health, cover the latest research on this topic, discuss enablers and barriers to physical activity in inpatient mental health settings, and will introduce social prescribing as a route into increased activity for all members of our communities.

This webinar will also introduce an exciting new project for mental health service users providing free sessions of activity and exercise on prescription. 


  • Katherine Kennet 'Introduction to social prescribing'.
  • Caz Nahman 'Promoting physical activity through social prescribing'.  View Speaker Slides
  • Nicole Lekka 'Enablers and barriers to inpatient mental health physical activity: Staff’s perspective'. View Speaker Slides
  • Kenny Butler 'UKActive'.  View Speaker Slides

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