How to access support services at the RCPsych

Free Members’ Webinar

Thursday 7 April 2022

Overview of this webinar

We know that psychiatry is an incredibly rewarding career however, it is not without its challenges. Despite a lifetime of work encouraging those in need to reach out, doctors are not always practiced at seeking appropriate help for themselves.

The impact of work and personal stressors can affect doctors’ wellbeing at any point of their career, from training through to consultancy often leaving individuals feeling isolated, unsupported, and overwhelmed. This free event aims to outline just some of the support services available at the College.

We hope to create a space that encourages all members at any stage of their career to reach out for support and develop reflective spaces as part of a regular practice for their own stress prevention and postvention.


  • Introduction – Dr Simon Heyland
  • Psychiatrist Support Service (PSS) – Dr Ros Ramsay and Dr Sukhmeet Singh
  • Mentoring and Coaching – Dr Jan Birtle
  • Doctors affected by suicide peer support group – Dr Rachel Gibbons
  • Q&A Panel facilitated by Dr Simon Heyland


Useful resources

College support organogram

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View the 'Mentoring and coaching for psychiatrists – a journey not a destination' free webinar, which took place on 21 October 2021.

A booklet has been published to support members. Endorsed by our President, Dr Adrian James, it is called 'If a patient dies by suicide - A resource for psychiatrists'

After a patient dies by suicide: an illustrative case for trainee psychiatrists and trainers, Alice Oates and Rachel Gibbons

Effects of patient suicide on psychiatrists: survey of experiences and support required, Rachel Gibbons, Fiona Brand, Anne Carbonnier, Alison Croft, Karen Lascelles, Gislene Wolfart and Keith Hawton

Guidance for mental health organisations regarding staff support following the death of a Patient by Suicide: A Prevention and Postvention Framework, Rachel Gibbons, Jon Van Niekerk, Fiona Brand, Anne Carbonnier, Alison Croft, Rebecca Cunningham, Keith Hawton, Jacquie Jamieson, Ihsan Kader, Karen Lascelles, Ros Ramsey, Nora Turjanski, Gislene Wolfart

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