Using film to help educate on mental health

Free Members’ Webinar

Thursday 12 January 2023

Overview of this webinar

This webinar focussed on the important role of film in mental health to help reach a wider, more diverse population, in the hope this helps normalise mental health in communities and earlier prevention of ill health.

Dr Parvinder Shergill, an award winning filmmaker and NHS Psychiatrist, talked with creatives in the film industry on how we can join forces with Hollywood to help spread awareness in mental health via our cinema screens. 


  1. Introduction to Bafta Breakthrough Recommended Filmmaker Dr Parvinder Shergill, career of Film and Mental Health
  2. Daddy Blues: Author Mark Williams on the importance of turning his book Daddy Blues into a film
  3. Twelve: filmmaker Molly Vandermeer on working with NHS doctors to make mental health films
  4. Diversity in mental health and film: BBC Presenter and Filmmaker Juggy Sohal, on the importance of reaching diverse ethnic communities in a creative manner 
  5. Q&A panel with speakers. Chaired by Dr Parvinder Shergill



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