Free Members' Webinar: Mental health and the law: from coercion to patient voice

Thursday 15 July 2021

Overview of this webinar

This webinar forms part of our celebrations for the 180th anniversary of the College and its preceding organisations. This week we explored how the Mental Health Act has evolved over time.


This session was chaired by Professor George Ikkos

Our speakers included:

  • The who and how of 200 years of Mental Health Acts for England and Wales - Dr Tony Zigmond
  • Mental Health Act 1983 and MHA Review - Steve Gilbert

Each of the speakers gave a short presentation and this was then followed by a Q&A discussion, chaired by Professor Ikkos.

Slides and Resources

Thank you for watching our free webinar. Please make sure to give us your feedback.

Please find below all of the available speaker presentations from the webinar.

These slides have been made available with kind permission of the speakers, and are intended for use only by the delegates that attended the meeting.

Please note these presentations are the intellectual property of the speaker and any unauthorised broadcasting/copying of any presentation is strictly prohibited.

Professor George Ikkos 

Steve Gilbert OBE - Mental Health Act 1983 and MHA Review 

Please email with any queries.

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